View and Download Buell XB Series service manual online. XB Series Motorcycle pdf manual download. See a Buell service manual for proper torque values. Aftermarket . Typical Buell V.I.N.: Ulysses Models Ignition System: XB Models. ITEM. DATA. T+ .com/

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Be sure that all lights and switches operate properly before operating motorcycle.

Welcome to our Buell forum! Shop performance motorcycle parts.

Tighten fastener to in-lbs 8. Surface must be smooth and free of debris or old gasket material. Tighten master cylinder banjo bolt 14 metric to ft-lbs Nm. After installing seat, pull upward on seat to be sure it is locked in position. Depress buell-firebolt-service-maual arms 3 in order to clear the shifter drum and remove shifter shaft assembly from left crankcase half. Install new retaining ring in groove of outer ramp hub. Install large caliper fastener 7 metric tightening to ft-lbs Nm. Please comment on the completeness, accuracy, organization, usability, and readability of this manual.

Disconnect horn connectors [] 2. Socket head fastener 7. Center tail section fastener to rear tail section 4 5. Mishandling drive belt will result in premature There is no drive belt adjustment required. Right turn signal Figure buell-fierbolt-service-manual The inner and outer springs are combined into one tapered spring that is progressively wound.


Main 30 amp 4. Ulysses Models XB Service: Connect 0208 positive cable red first, tightening to Install seat. Install 2nd gear 18 and spacer Footpeg Buell-firebolt-servic-manual Figure Refer to Table A Finger-tighten the sleeve parts. Adjust primary chains not meeting vertical free play specifications.

For this reason, it is important that each shifter fork be reinstalled in its original location. Retaining rings can slip from the pliers and could be propelled with enough force to cause serious eye injury. Swingarm pivot shaft 2.

Discard used fluid according to local laws. NOTE Service wear limits are given as a guideline for measuring components that are not new.

Buell XB Service Manuals and Specs – Buell Forum & Motorcycle Parts

Front tab Figure Manifold to cylinder brace fastener 2. Always discard seals after removal. The system utilizes failure. Insert fastener through battery positive cable red into Figure Brake 2008 retainer 3. Slide axle through right side of swingarm and wheel hub sm and thread partially into swingarm on left side.

Buell XB 2008 Series Service Manual

Extension plate should curve away from primary chain adjustment screw to allow for clearance around adjustment screw. Bank angle sensor connector [].

Wedge attachment for claw puller Figure During cold weather operation, some of the water vapor In colder climates, the engine oil should be changed often. High beam connection [38] left side with ground Figure Place key in side case locking latch sm 12on front surface of side case, in open position. Fuel tank vent hose location Both fuel tank and canister vent hoses are routed through notch 4. Appendix A Connector Repair A Commutators with more than 0.


If under filled, transmission can be damaged during vehicle operation. ECM connectors 7 [10, 11] and [] on XB12 models.

Match the notches in the tool flange to the U-bends in the spring clip. Install headlight support bracket 9. The starter solenoid is a switch that is designed to open and close the starting circuit electromagnetically. Remove front muffler strap 5 from front muffler mount Muffler 7.

NOTE Never tighten rear axle with swingarm brace removed. Wrong way mica must not be left with a thin edge next to segments 4. Anytime front tie-bar is removed, it must first be removed from the “V” bracket and then the engine.