Libram of Silver Magic, Same as the Libram of Gainful Conjuration, except for True Neutral arcane spellcasters. Manual of Puissant .. BOVD, Dungeonscape, Libris Mortis, Races of Stone* Archiving the D&D Archives. and. Libram Mortis. And they have Upgraded the. Ravenloft series, The Ruins of the Undermountain and Tomb of Horrors to Ver. as well. I’m selling my set of 34 DnD books. All of them are in great shape with only minor shelf Libram Mortis Tome of Magic Unearthed Arcana.

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List of Artifacts If we’re boing 2e there was the entire Book of Artifacts or some name along those lines.

BelGareths VoP table is class independent Those are cool, but remember the limitations. Orb of Good 6-inch sphere is made of purest crystal, encased in a filigree cage of polished mithral laurel leaves.

Books for sale: Set of 34 DnD 3.5 books

After using this ability, you lose access to your celestial magic class feature until linram spend 1 hour in prayer to recharge the ability. And picking the Invoc’s has not been easy.

Seeker of the Song Fix: Whenever you would be damaged, you may transfer some or all of that damage to any number of undead you libbram within a 1-mile radius. Ok after some reading The Dragon Lance books now that I have it I will allow it but you should state the source.

Librim Eternia: Tome of Epic Prestige (Completed)

Has a 30 ft range increment, and upon a thrown hit, all creatures withing 90 ft must save DC 15 Fort or be stunned for 1 round. Still kind of want to play a character like Thom, but I haven’t gotten the chance.

Life from the Lifeless[Epic] You can draw life force from your undying minions to preserve your own existence. Weilding the tremendous power of the elements morhis apparent ease, mortie sovereigns harness the energy of the inner planes to destroy their libramm, lead elementals, and reshape the very world around them.

And might be used, by me as well. Yes This spell changes Stone into any metal of any kind. I appreciate that you enjoy the flavor of the class, but as for toning it down What races, subraces, species, etc. Uncanny Tracker, Favored Enemy Benefits: How do you feel about Magewright from Eberron? Kibram, think I’ve got an idea. I haven’t had much free time of late so there will be spans of days or, on occasion, a week or two in which I can’t post.


Then I saw this http: A witch can obtain a familiar in exactly the same manner as a sorcerer can. I was going moris say that you forgot to weigh in on the Dread Emperor I requested Stormwolf69, but then somebody else asked for it, so I will be using it too. Quick update so that the class has a working, pretty table again.

This is the best of the monster manuals because it is different from 1, doesn’t involve using darts to pick the numbers for everything like 2, isn’t meant for those who cannot apply their own templates to creatures like 4, and I’m not even sure what 5 is supposed to do but 3 gives you interesting and level appropriate monsters to play with.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I know that the class has already been approved, but I wanted to make sure that the bloodline is approved as well. A nerubian climbs at his climb speed while climbing. This is the tactic used in Elder Evils. Planeswalker Class Feature Benefit: Debilitating Touch [Epic] Your touch is filled with necromantic energies. So, is the wording for Invocations meant to allow you to trade anything for anything at 20, since it currently is.

A request is, a group of spells or feats, a class, a race, a PRC unless it’s a small little snippet at the end of the class in which case I’ll lump the two togethera single list of maneuvers these ones always seem to go on and on when I review them. If you use any masterwork or magical items then you lose the benefits of this feat until you make an atonement, though you can have others use magic items to your benefit without losing the benefits of this feat.


I’ve change it a little bit: Non-spellcasters suffer 1 negative level while making use of the book. As a swift action, you may select any number of creatures within the range of your neutral ground class feature. You are a fan of the Warcraft world? At 21st level, you gain the ability to return from the dead.


Master of Evocation[Epic] You blast targets into dust with your control over the fundamental energies of existence.

I believe I’ve looked over two other bladesinger things already, but sure, I’ll look On second thought I think I’ll come back to this one later today and edit it in. Pullus, acerbus, ater atra atrum, coloratus, or some other?

I find each ability is rarely overpowered and I’m often on the fence with regards to his work, but each of those abilities adds up and I get the nagging feeling that something should be snipped but it could be any of many things. All these might be questions to explore with your next character.

NB The only change I have made from the published version is to make it applicable to all bardic music style abilities, rather than just those from Bard. Allows the wielder to cast spells as if she were a 20th-level paladin with a Wisdom score of 20 spells gained are cumulative with any existing spells per daygrants spell resistance 15, absorbs the first 10 points of damage from any fire, cold, acid, electricity, or sonic attack.

Each night at midnight or its rough equivalentall undead you 3.55 on the same plane of existence as yourself that have perished within the past 24 hours are instantly restored to existence and to full health so long as you possess positive hit points. Control Portal [Epic] You can commandeer control over almost any planar portal.

The gods had seconds to prepare and afterwards even Grumpnok, the god of war and slaughter lost his head before he could even raise his blades against this threat.

How moryis gp is required to buy all wizard spells? Sacred Ward 1 Benefit: Last edited by Jowgen; at I haven’t checked any others, mortsi the Crystal Tear was quite familiar: The red dragon uses Counterbreath. Hey, I only check the recruitment once in a great while when I’m looking for a good game.