The Consecration of Mahavira, [], from Gujerati manuscript of the Kalpa Sutra (Public Domain in the US per Bridgeman vs. Corel). Knowing pain and pleasure in all their variety (patteyam), and seeing his life not yet decline, a wise man should know that to be the proper moment (for entering. The Acharanga Sutra (IAST: Ācārāṅga Sūtra; First book c. 5th-4th century BCE; Second book c. 2nd-1st century BCE)[1] is the first of the twelve Angas, part of.

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Or he did not drink for more than two months, or even six months, day and night, without desire for drink. Member feedback about God in Jainism: It narrates the romantic acarnaga of Jeevaka and throws light on arts of music and dance of the era. Member feedback about List of Jain texts: The result of actions by you has to be borne by you, so do not destroy anything.

Acharanga Sutra | Revolvy

The oldest surviving copies are written on paper in western India in the 14th century. Whatever is sinful, the Venerable One left that undone: That which you consider worth subjugating is like yourself.

He traveled in the pathless country of the Ladhas. Member feedback about Samavayanga Sutra: The story concerns a hero who through his virtue rises to become king, only to renounce his high station and pursue a life of religious merit. Adipurana contains about 37 chapters where as Uttarapurana contains about 65 chapters.

Teachings and quotes of the The Acaranga Sutra

The text also outlines vario Jain doctrine — Causes of bondage, description of hells, des Bhakti in the Early Jain Tradition: The subject matter of the answers ranges from doctrine to rules of ascetic behaviour. What I want to add to the truth expressed by you is that, as sorrow or pain is not desirable to you, so it is to all which breath, exist, live or have any essence of life. Having wisdom, Mahavira committed no sin himself, nor acarajga he induce others to do so, nor did he consent to the sins of others.


This mantra simply serves as a gesture of deep respect towards beings whom they believe are spiritually evolved, as well as to remind the people of their ultimate goal i. At Umaswati’s time, although multiple orders existed, there was no clear sectarian division. Sthananga Sutra topic Sthananga Sutra Sanskrit: Acaaranga feedback about Sallekhana: The text consists of twenty chapters.

The sage, perceiving sktra double karma, proclaims the incomparable activity, he, the knowing one; sutea the current of worldliness, the current of sinfulness, and the impulse.

Acharanga Sutra

One of the interesting aspects of this text is its portrayal of Monasticism and spirituality in the terms of numerology. Thoroughly knowing karma, the Venerable One avoids sin. The book aims to narrate the life of Neminatha, the twenty-second Tirthankara in Jainism.

This page was last edited on 23 Marchat Member feedback about Sutrakritanga: All souls who have achieved the natural state of infinite bliss, infinite knowledge kevala jnanainfinite power and infinite perception are regarded as God in Jainism. It is a composition of 58 gathas verses giving an exposition of the six dravyas substances that characterize the Jain view of the world: The work serves acarannga a brief version of the Jaina philosophy.


Introduction The Acharanga Sutra is the oldest wutra, from a linguistic point of view, written in Ardhamagadhi Prakrit. Views Read Edit View history. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Victory to the Supreme Effulgence Omniscience — the infinite and all-embracing knowledge that images, as it were in a mirror, all substances and their infinite modes, extending through the past, the present, and the future.

Member feedback about Sthananga Sutra: Look at other dictionaries: It describes the conduct and behavior of ascetic life: That which you consider worth disciplining is like yourself. The first book is the older part, to which other treatises were later added. Atmasiddhi is highly revered amongst the followers of Shrimad.

That which you consider worth destroying is like yourself.: Acharanga Sutra describes lack of clothes as being in full conformity of with Jain doctrine AS 1.

It propounds six fundamental truths on soul which are also known as satapada six steps. Both were in the same kingdom. Jain Agamas — File: By using this site, you agree to acqranga Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Purvagata contained fourteen subdivisions and contained discussions about Jaina doctrines and principles. Member feedback about Drstivada: