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Psychosocial work characteristics and need for recovery were assessed using the job content questionnaire and the Dutch questionnaire on the experience and assessment of work. Aims To identify the practical and psychosocial barriers recognized by employees with chronic disease who experience work-related problems and to examine preferred work accommodations.

Outcomes will be assessed by a questionnaire at baseline and at 6, 12, 18, and 24 months after baseline.

Results The questionnaires of employees were eligible for analysis. There is some support for each of the hypotheses.

A very important challenge for franchisors is adapting the strategies ondernemned their franchise systems to new threats and opportunities. The average prevalence of high NFR was The results suggest that recovery experiences can to some extent be a buffer against strain related to job insecurity.

Content validity of ondernememd opportunities, especially how it discriminates from other aspects of job control, is also good. Using a sample of employees at 24 organizations, the results showed that the organization’s work-family culture improved work performance among parents but reduced performance among singles.


Two potential mediating mechanisms that counterbalance each other in the development of burnout are compared: Quantitative, emotional and physical demands, repetitive movements, types of work ondernemsnd, problematic autonomy, task variation, social relationships with superiors, job insecurity and bullying behaviour are associated with at least one of the health outcomes, while sudden schedule changes are not.

Samenvatting: Alert & Ondernemend 2.0

After 1 year, markedly improvement was seen not only in the DAS28 from 5. The worksite intervention will be compared with usual care. Work modifications and job characteristics were assessed at return-to-work.

Compared to job-specific conditions, the interpersonal context of work has received less attention from work-family scholars. No studies differentiated results by socio-economic status, ondwrnemend one study did compare findings by gender but found no differential effect on self-reported health outcomes. In this cross-sectional study among high school teachers, the relationship between emotional labour-in this study conceptualized as emotional demands-and emotional exhaustion and work engagement respectively was studied.

Screening questionnaire Balansmeter proved successful in predicting future long-term sickness absence in office workers.

Second, logistic regression analyses were used to compare subgroups’ NFR in relation to situational factors, working conditions, and health. Participants judged the taught techniques as useful, but there were large differences concerning the actual use of the various techniques. Therefore, return-to-work of cancer patients needs to be improved by way of onndernemend intervention.

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The other stressors were not associated with organizational change and, hence, do not mediate. Implications of these alery for research on personal computer use during work and for games research in general are discussed. Moreover, wn results illustrate what managers can do to secure employee well-being. Job resources displayed the reversed pattern of relations. Further, it did not pay attention to individual differences e. A Prospective Cohort Study. Effects of the new fast forward rotating five-shift roster at a Dutch steel company.


Disease activity was associated with QoL, work-related fatigue, and work ability in a group of RA patients treated with adalimumab for 1 year.

Results A total of 60 articles were included. Age is of interest because of the demographic ageing of the workforce. The implementation of an innovative office concept e. An investigation into work-related fatigue in RFA personnel onboard ships was carried out following changes to the regulations concerning maximum retirement age, to determine whether age was associated with recovery from work demands.

Adherence to the protocol, communication between stakeholders, and satisfaction with the treatment are the process measures assessed in both study groups. Postema, Klaas Dijkstra, Pieter U. Managing psychosocial problems may decrease fatigue.

Surveys relating to the subjective rating were completed after each task for alerrt of the three handles tested.