Follicular mucinosis is a term that encompasses three related entities. Alopecia mucinosa, Urticaria-like follicular mucinosis, and cutaneous lymphoma related. On hair-bearing skin (e.g. scalp), overlying alopecia is notable, hence the term “ alopecia mucinosa” (see Figure 5). Plaques are often composed of densely. Alopecia mucinosa is a skin disorder that generally presents, but not exclusively, as erythematous plaques or flat patches without hair primarily on the scalp.

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Perifollicular and perivascular lymphocytes are typically present in all types of FM.

Alopecia Mucinosa Responding to Antileprosy Treatment: Are we Missing Something?

Follicular mucinosis responding to dapsone. Secondary alopecia mucinosa should be treated appropriately for the underlying skin disease, particularly mucinnosa it is cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.

The third case, male, aged 22 years presented with a single erythematous, hypoesthetic plaque on the forehead.

Alopecia mucinosa has been divided into the primary or idiopathic variety and the secondary type associated with cutaneous T cell lymphoma. Follicular mucinosis as a histological finding by itself, does not denote a specific clinico-pathological entity and has been described as an incidental finding in several unrelated conditions like angiolymphoid hyperplasia,[ 56 ] familial reticuloendotheliosis,[ 7 ] spongiotic dermatitis,[ 1 ] and in diffuse papular and eczematous eruptions.

Hydroxychloroquine mg orally, three times daily for 10 days, followed by mg orally, twice daily; response noted within 6 months, begin taper after lesions have cleared. Follicular Mucinosis and Alopecia Mucinosa. Click here for information on linking to our website or using our content or images.

Hinduja Hospital, Mahim, Mumbai, India. Page views in You must be a registered member of Dermatology Advisor to post a comment. Single lesion Alopecia mucinosa in children and young adults responds rapidly and completely with antileprosy treatment.

Alopecia mucinosa, also known as follicular mucinosis, describes the appearance of mucin around hair follicles as seen under the microscope. This is in contrast to cases of Alopecia mucinosa reported in literature including the first report of six cases by Pinkus[ 3 ] in which multiple erythematous papules and plaques occur over the head and neck region.


Both cases had complete clearing of the skin lesions with standard MDT for leprosy. It may persist for months or years and no specific therapy has been found to be effective for patients with idiopathic alopecia mucinosa. Therapy should be tailored to the individual patient, with consideration given to the extent of involvement lesion location, size, number.

Follicular Mucinosis (Alopecia Mucinosa)

Considering the rapid and complete response to antileprosy treatment in 7 cases of Alopecia mucinosa three cases described in this paper and the four similar cases described earlier[ 10 ]it is most unlikely that the response was a natural remission of the disease. A reaction pattern in follicular apopecia.

In general, patients with idiopathic FM tend to be younger mucinnosa have fewer and more localized lesions on the head or neck. This condition of the skin appendages article is a stub. Acrokeratosis paraneoplastica of Bazex Acroosteolysis Bubble hair deformity Disseminate and recurrent infundibulofolliculitis Erosive pustular dermatitis of the scalp Erythromelanosis follicularis faciei et colli Hair casts Hair follicle nevus Intermittent hair—follicle dystrophy Keratosis pilaris atropicans Kinking hair Koenen’s tumor Lichen planopilaris Lichen spinulosus Loose anagen syndrome Menkes kinky hair syndrome Monilethrix Parakeratosis pustulosa Pili Pili annulati Pili bifurcati Pili multigemini Pili pseudoannulati Pili torti Pityriasis amiantacea Plica neuropathica Poliosis Rubinstein—Taybi syndrome Setleis syndrome Traumatic anserine folliculosis Trichomegaly Trichomycosis axillaris Trichorrhexis Trichorrhexis invaginata Trichorrhexis nodosa Trichostasis spinulosa Uncombable hair syndrome Wooly hair Wooly hair nevus.

However, monoclonality mmucinosa not distinguish lymphoma-associated FM from idiopathic FM. Paronychia Acute Chronic Chevron nail Congenital onychodysplasia of the index fingers Green nails Half and half nails Hangnail Hapalonychia Hook nail Ingrown nail Lichen planus of the nails Longitudinal erythronychia Malalignment of the nail plate Median nail dystrophy Mees’ lines Melanonychia Muehrcke’s lines Nail—patella syndrome Onychoatrophy Onycholysis Onychomadesis Onychomatricoma Onychomycosis Onychophosis Onychoptosis defluvium Onychorrhexis Onychoschizia Platonychia Pincer nails Plummer’s nail Psoriatic nails Pterygium inversum unguis Pterygium unguis Purpura of the nail bed Racquet nail Red lunulae Shell nail syndrome Splinter hemorrhage Spotted lunulae Staining of the nail plate Stippled nails Subungual hematoma Terry’s nails Twenty-nail dystrophy.


Triangular alopecia Frontal fibrosing alopecia Marie Unna hereditary alopecua.

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Follicular mucinosis presenting as acute dermatitis with response to dapsone. Important to note that both these cases were not of Alopecia mucinosa, but had a clinical presentation of diffuse acute dermatitis with an incidental finding of follicular mucinosis. This website is intended for pathologists and laboratory personnel, who understand that medical information is imperfect and must be interpreted using reasonable medical judgment.

Response within 3 months; recurrence may occur upon discontinuation. Suggested therapies are based on anecdotal reports or small case series. Rajiv Joshi and Vinay Gopalani 1. Accessed December 31st, Follicular mucinosis as a finding has been recorded as an additional histological marker in type 1 reactional state in borderline leprosy. Follicular mucjnosa presenting as an acneiform eruption: FM generally presents as pink-red papules, patches, or plaques Figure 1Figure 2Figure 3Figure 4.

Treatment based on several case reports. Also called follicular mucinosis Edematous and erythematous plaques of alopecia on head and neck Children: It is characterised by bald patches of skin in which hair follicles are prominent.

Alopecia mucinosa | DermNet NZ

Characteristic findings on physical examination Lesions are often asymptomatic but may itch or burn; they develop over weeks or months not days. Additional markers for the type 1 reactional states in borderline leprosy. DermNet NZ does not provide an online consultation service. Parker SR, Murad E. Discontinue therapy or consider slow titration over months or years after complete response is evident.