Apexi AVC-R Electronic Boost Controller Set-up procedure . Fm AVC-R = White to ECU – pin 9 = Speed Sensor. Here is a link to the AVC-R Manual Link. How to Install and Tune an AVC-R Boost Controller. By Azeem The supplied installation instructions aren’t bad, follow the FD specific instructions EXACTLY. Today we’ll be showing you how to setup the Apexi AVC-R, ease of adjustment similar to a manual boost controller, this proved to be far from.

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How to Install and Tune an AVC-R Boost Controller

This is how the unit knows what gear you are in. Also, you should review the boost controller installation info on Steve Cirian’s and Rob Robinette’s sites Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window.

Posted January 28, It may take a small reduction of paexi cycle, i. Do this ’til you get it just right…and hit 1. I turned learn-mode OFF in all gear, this is ‘X’ for all gears. Just note that the injector duty reading is irreverent in boost control, as opposed to the importance of proper RPM readings to control boost.

If the displayed boost level is above 1.


Once you have mounted it plumb it in like so By raising the boost duty cycle, the turbocharger system responded faster decreasing turbo lag and increasing turbo response. Once, you located a spot for the solenoid, securely zpexi is using the supplied 4 screws and the rubber base to dampen the vibration.


Mine is mounted on the fender wall near the ABS unit.

First start off by reseting the unit. Leave them for us below! Now run the car hard, and try to hit max boost.

New avc-r install instructions & basic tuning –

This section is really up to your personal preference to see what you want displayed on your screen. These connections should give you correct readings for all the monitors: I got psi at rpm. I ran the tube from my old boost gauge through the bulkhead and then zip tied all wires for the paexi sensor to the end, and gentle pulled them through by pulling the tube back That is another apeix why some people who connect their RPM wire to somewhere else other than 58, experience extreme boost-overshoot problems…getting a correct RPM readout will help correct such problems.

This will allow the monitors to get proper readings.

If you set the duty cycle too high, the controller will not be able to manusl boost, and will run higher than 9psi.

Any number of values can be selected and displayed here, and this part is really self explanatory. These are units for the graphing view modes only. Wire colours and what they are You can also have the AVC-R memory mode record a run or pass so that you can review at a later time.

Run a line from COM to the nipple on the actuator. Pinned an nice write up John.


APEXi Super AVC-R Instruction Manual

This will be the part that tells your AVCR exactly what boost pressure you’re producing for an accurate reading! Better turbo response and ability to monitor thing you really know noting about. Acr product is probably one of the biggest items we are asked about from the Apexi lineup, outside of the Super AFC.

So just to make it easier for anyone installing manuual in the future I’m going to do a write up and put all the links I used here to get it installed, running and working etc! Once you are done connecting the ECU, replace the ECU cover and run the wires going to the head-unit toward the bottom of the black plastic ECU cover where there is an opening and replace the two 10mm bolts. Start-Duty This controls initial spiking – i. Dialing out the spike perfectly takes a LOT of time Try to locate the solenoid as close to the waste-gate actuator janual possible and use the least amount aexi vacuum hose as possible.

You should develop 7psi max 0.

Sign in Already have an account? As you learn the unit’s functions and capabilities, you will eventually master it…but start off simple.