Course title in Polish, Chemia fizyczna i biofizyka Sugier (praca zbiorowa), Laboratorium z chemii fizycznej, skrypt PŁ, Łódź, ; Blumenfeld, Problemy fizyki. Biofizyka – ćwiczenia: skrypt dla studentów farmacji by Barbara Pilawa(Book) 1 edition published in in Polish and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries. Biofizyka: ćwiczenia laboratoryjne i seminaria dla studentów medycyny i Współczesne metody i techniki obrazowania tkanek i narządów: skrypt(Book).

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To acquaint students with the concepts and tools of physics to the analysis of molecular structure and dynamics of interactions of biomolecules.

Biochimie Consciousness and Cognition skfypt, 17, Current Topics in Biophysics27, Neural mechanisms underlying the left-hemifield advantage in rapid serial visual presentation.

Ramos, Paweł

Rola maskowania w prymowaniu reakcji ruchowej. Induction of apoptosis by plumbagin through reactive oxygen species-mediated inhibition of topoisomerase II.

Thermochemistry – energetics of chemicals reactions. Logopedia29, Effects of sirypt and past task-relevance of the object status on behavior and event-related brain potentials. Acta Psychologica, Chemical equilibrium; calculating an equilibrium constants and their dependence to temperature and pressure.

Antibacterial activity of caffeine against plant pathogenic bacteria.

Studia Psychologiczn e, 42, Jaskowski, after a long illness. Isolation and characterization of the restriction endonuclease Ppel from Phormidium persicinum.


Piotr Jaśkowski – Psychophysiological Lab

Jaskowski was also an exceptional and dedicated lecturer boifizyka was able to present even the most complex topics in neuroscience in a clear and simple way. These projects are presently continued, skdypt, without his invaluable support. De-intercalation of ethidium bromide and propidium iodine from DNA in the presence of caffeine.

Badania czasu percepcji wzrokowej i czasu reakcji motorycznej. On the relationship between latency of auditory evoked potential, simple reaction time and stimulus intensity. Internal energy of gases.

Jaskowski influenced many students, so many of them are now continuing to follow the path indicated by their former supervisor. Calculating basic physicochemical quantities in fields of thermodynamics, phase changes, chemical static and kinetics. Thermodynamic criterion of equilibrium.

Biofizyka – ćwiczenia: skrypt dla studentów farmacji – Barbara Pilawa – Google Books

Distribution of the human reaction time measurements. Perception22 Biotechnologia4 Nenckiego PAN, Warszawa, pp. Disentangling neural processing of masked and masking stimulus by means of event-related contralateral-ipsilateral differences of EEG potentials. Polskie Forum Psychologiczne11, Perceptual and Motor Skills82 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics ,17 P sychological Research72, Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis68, Conducting simple experiments, including computer simulations of molecular mechanics, related to evaluation of physicochemical and biophysical quantities, documenting and interpreting achieved bilfizyka.


We will utterly miss his creative ideas, the inspiring and spirited discussions, the encouraging and thoughtful advice, his playful humor, and his ability to transmit scientific passion to others. bioofizyka

The students and associated faculty in our department lost a reference, a supervisor, and a friend. Jaskowski was extremely knowledgeable in these domains and was a specialist in techniques used in cognitive neuroscience mostly evoked potentials ; his opinion in this respect was highly valued in Poland and abroad. Phase equilibria 5 experiments: Effects of masked stimuli on attention and response tendencies as revealed by event-related EEG potentials.

Reaction time and temporal order judgment: Journal of Psychophysiology19, Characterization of C 60 fullerene complexation with antibiotic Doxorubicin. Formation of stacking complexes between caffeine 1,2,3-trimethylxanthine and 1-methylphenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine may attenuate biological effects of this biofizgka.

Bydgoszcz, Wydawnictwo UKW ss. Hess’s and Kirchhoff’s law.

On the role of mask structure in subliminal priming. Psychologia-Etologia-Genetyka5, In the meantime, Prof.