It all started on May 18th when a gorilla named Bokito escaped from the Rotterdam Zoo. It was during his daring escape that the animal. Cheap glasses video, Buy Quality eye glasses style directly from China eye glasses picture Suppliers: Bokito Gorilla zoo funny eye glasses Enjoy ✓Free. Bokito is now a world famous gorilla, after he escaped from his enclosure in the Rotterdam Zoo May18, and tore up the zoo while attacking a.

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That says a lot about their readership. I will break you into many pieces – let’s see you bare your fangs at me then! Finally put them on and spook your nearest and dearest To print and assemble your own ridiculous eye-wear, look no bkkito than this PDF file.

He subsequently entered a nearby restaurant, causing panic among the visitors. Hooray for unintended uses! She had a habit of touching nokito glass that separated her from the gorillas, while making eye contact with Bokito and smiling to him, a practice that is discouraged by primatologists, as apes are likely to interpret human smiling as a form of aggressive display. I guess the racist comments are a Cracked.

This was a repeat of an episode broadcast a few years ago which mentioned a rather alarming incident at the zoo in Rotterdam. Bokito was born in the Zoologischer GartenBerlinGermanyand was abandoned by his mother at birth. Remember to come back and post what you’ve printed as Make.

Maybe you already know, but I think the reason for this is: What about my black features? They couldn’t just have everyone wear sunglasses??

Gorilla Goggles | Now I Know

I found that the easiest way is to put the glasses on, look into a mirror and gauge whereabouts the centre of your eyes appear in the lens spaces – if gglasses want to be super accurate you may need the help of someone else with a ruler. BokitoKijker – Glasses for viewing gorillas and the like. Eight reviews, each of five stars. The main contender to his title as dominant male, Dango, was transferred to Shanghai in along with his two primary female mates.


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I have included two other STLs – one with just the front part of the frame and second with the arms taken from leoedin’s Customizable Word Glasses which is thing In glassses projects Wikimedia Commons. I used CA – superglue – watch those fingers don’t come into contact! He was escorted back to his cage without incident. From the blog of Dinotopia creator James Gurney: The gorilla loved it. She had been visiting the zoo as often as four times a week, specifically to visit Bokito.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Bokito. There are pin holes in the viewers allowing the wearer to look straight ahead while avoiding eye contact with Bokito. If you want to draw portraits of great apes, you have to approach them in the proper way.

Ik blkito zeker dat ze een speciale paar dan voor jou. This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat Zoo staff advised that she and others not make direct eye contact with Bokito while smiling at him, as apes often misinterpret that friendliness as aggression. Development by Jay Hoffmann. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

DabitchDec 14 – 8: The glasses don’t have eyes that roll, the eyes look off to one side to the wearer’s left bokitl seems in these shotsso that you are not looking directly into the gorilla’s eyes – i. Not related, but I love that Dutchism “he broke them like Lucifers”, that’s “matches”.

BokitoKijker – Glasses for viewing gorillas and the like. by Alzibiff – Thingiverse

Remixed From Customizable Word Glasses. You can use your favourite search engine to find precise details using terms such as ‘Rotterdam zoo gorilla attack’ but the story bokiito a gorilla called Bokito who got rather fed up and annoyed at a lady who had been gazing at him for quite some time – perhaps trying to make a human-primate connection of some sort.


The same, unfortunately, could not be said inwhen he attacked a zoo visitor. During this encounter, three more people were injured as a result of the panic. Checkout You’ll need a PayPal account to tip Alzibiff. Will I not be allowed into this Bokitl zoo? DabitchApr 13 – 3: It’s good for the designer and the community that means you!

Gorilla Goggles

The word ” bokitoproof “, meaning “durable enough to resist the actions of an enraged gorilla” and by extension “durable enough to resist the actions of a non-specific extreme situation” was voted the Word of the Year glassea in the Netherlands.

Show Some Love Say thanks by giving Alzibiff a tip and help them continue to share amazing Things with the Thingiverse community. This will soften the plastic enough to make the job a whole lot easier and once in place, you can gently push the hinge together. Of course, you’re not really – you just appear that way to the gorilla.

I like how the article doesn’t say whether or not she was telling stupid jokes and generally wouldn’t shut up for the entire time that she was there, smiling and putting her gpasses up against the glass. He became the subject of considerable media coverage after breaking out of his enclosure on May 18,abducting a female visitor and severely injuring her.