Furthermore, the author of the Arizona Atheist blog asked Vilenkin if his theorem with Guth and Borde proves that the universe had a beginning. The Borde-Guth-Vilenkin singularity theorem (or BGV theorem) was developed in by three leading cosmologists; Arvind Borde, Alan Guth. I was watching A debate on cosmology where William Lane Craig uses the Borde , Guth and Vilenkin theorem to say the universe had a.

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Science is the practice of accounting for assumptions un-assuming them by categorizing them as either fact or fiction based on scientific evidence. So maybe what we call imaginary time is really more basic, and what we call real time is just an idea that we invent to help us describe what we think the universe is like. He do, the explanation is in His own existence is in His own essence.

Sean, A very nice post on a very interesting question. Yes the scientific evidence supports this claim. Please help by adding reliable sources. The BGV theorem boede remains consistent with “higher dimensional cosmologies based on string theory. You usually recognize them gufh the spurious name they brand themselves: Carroll and Prothero, Krauss, Ward, etc. The defender of scientism is forced to deny guuth there are any objective aesthetic judgements.

The Borde-Guth-Vilenkin Theorem, and More on the “My Good Friend” Meme | Evolution News

Science and metaphysics do actually exist, and can be accounted for and beheld independent of one another science then, is not equivalent to accounting for something, and metaphysics is not equivalent to something that is unaccountable. I can think of several good reasons but the best one involves making the movements of love, which involves faith.

The BGV vklenkin though holds independently of any physical description of the very early universe before Planck time. Argument for Theism is Criminal.


You need a Phd to reach this conclusion, vilenoin course. By using this site, you agree to the Terms theordm Use and Privacy Policy. Carroll is trying to get mileage out of the fact that Guth was willing to pose for pictures and use them to give the audience the impression that Craig has misunderstood or misrepresented his source when he had done no such thing.

In order for science to exist, then, science must be able to account for all ideas that scientific ideas depend on. If we disbelieve that, then we are certainly opening ourselves up to things popping into existence without a cause.

Alexander Vilenkin – Wikipedia

The problem with almost all theists bogde to think that any attack on their pet theories of cosmic origins is a personal attack. You are reserving that for yourselves. Curiously, God has revealed Himself- if indeed He exists and has- to us as I AM as well, a remarkably sophisticated way of simultaneously accounting for and beholding, no?

Now, if science is permeated with assumptions that cannot be scientifically accounted for, science is permeated with metaphysical ideas. Post as a guest Name. And by the way, argument is not the most important thing in the world.

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The only non-self that can take action have verbs ascribed to it is matter. Craig reject the number zero in his debate with the philosopher Peter Millican: Which may bodre be true! What all of their theorems do are a write out a set of conditions which they consider to correspond to eternal inflation, then b show that the region in which these conditions hold is geodesically incomplete.


Moreover, his ghth in cosmic strings has been pivotal.

Alexander Vilenkin

Under some circumstances the blueshift will reach “infinite rapidity” or the speed of light within a gutth amount of proper time or affine parameter “.

Views Read Edit View history. Is it a proof of the existence of God? Must we conclude or the non-self equivalent, seeming or the non-self equivalent, appearing or the non-self equivalent, looking or the non-self equivalent, suggesting… to appear to seem to conclude that we cannot escape pure randomness through either metaphysics or gth

Although in totality, he cannot be grasped due to our finite nature as contrasted to vilenkkin transcendental magnificence, yet you can still know God because he is a relational being. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Yesterday, Coyne posted videos of Craig-Carroll as well as Craig-Kraussneither of which, he says, he has actually watched.

Therefore, science must account for the self without assuming the self in order to be science, for assuming the self would be metaphysics, no science. Usually the emphasis by creationists is the age of the universe and Earth first and then argue about existence of God later.

Atheists seem to fall more and more into the trap of not being able to distinguish the basics anymore. Mickey Mouse is by definition theoremm a Maximally Great being and therefore cannot be the creator of all of time, space, truth, beauty, reason, etc. Why would that actually be a problem for Craig? In other words, the giant Mickey Mouse did it.