Um zur Bedienung der Steuerung eine andere Hand Brother MFC‐ PCL5 and PCL6. Y. PCL Laser Toshiba e‐STUDIO PCL5 and/or PCL6. Y. Brother FAXmc 29 Bedienungsanleitung Brother FAX Brother FAX- 30 Bedienungsanleitung Brother FAXC Brother FAXC weekly bedienungsanleitung.

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Do NOT pull the paper while copying is in progress. Man kann damit neben dem Nummernpad noch auf 3 weitere virtuelle Tastenbereiche gehen.

Erasing Messages If you choose to erase all fax messages, the machine will print any previously unprinted fax messages before erasing them from memory. For Your Safety To ensure bedienungsanleutung operation the three-pin plug supplied must be inserted only into a standard three-pin power point which is effectively grounded through the normal household wiring. Page 95 Some parameters required for compliance with Bedienungsanleitunh Telepermit requirements are dependent on the equipment PC associated with this device.

Any waiting jobs appear on the display. This report lists the name or fax number of the receiving party, the time and date of transmission, and if the transmission brotner successful.

Enter the new number of the remote fax machine where you want your fax messages forwarded, and then press. The preset Deactivation Code is 5 1 9 1 for New Zealand. Reducing And Enlarging Copies Reducing and Enlarging Copies When making copies, you can reduce or enlarge the size of the printed image.

Remote Commands Follow the commands below to access features remotely. Es wird mit einem Beep quittiert.

Brother Fax 930 Bedienungsanleitung

Registered FaxAbility Number Fax machine automatically receives and prints fax message. Polling Polling is the process of retrieving faxes from another machine.


Connecting an External Telephone Your machine is equipped with a handset that you can use as a regular phone. Change Answer Mode Press 9 8.

When you hear the beep, immediately enter your Bedienungsanleiitung Access Code 1 5 9 When you hear two short beeps, use the dial pad to press 9 6 1. When the beeper is set to LOW or HIGH, the machine beeps every time you press a bedienungsanleitunng or make an error, and at the end of sending or receiving a fax.

Page 12 – Connecting an external telephone answeri By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Recessed Press down on both sides of the top cover to close it securely.

You may also have reached a number not connected to a fax. The telephone number will be printed only on your cover pages and on the call back messages. Zur Sicherheit jetzt den Testbericht 77 ausdrucken. Also inserts a pause in autodial numbers.


brothr If the copy is also bad, call your Brother dealer for service. Diese Funktion wird vom Techniker aufgerufen wenn der Druckkopf ersetzt wurde. When cax-1355 call the fax machine and enter your Remote Access Code 1 5 9 remote control command. Also, notifies you that you have voice or fax messages in the memory.

This can be caused by static or interference on the telephone line. Even if you lose electrical power, numbers stored in memory will not be lost. Enter a 4-digit number as a password.

An extension phone is another phone on the same phone number as the machine, but plugged into a different telephone wall socket.

Jetzt wird ein Testdruck erstellt, anhand dessen man sehen kann, ob alle Patronen wieder einwandfrei drucken. Remote activation allows you to transfer a fax call, answered at an extension phone, to the machine by pressing the Fax Receive Code. Flowchart Sequence of Incoming Call All extension phones ring, fax machine is silent.


This machine is approved for use in the country of purchase only, local Brother companies or their dealers will only support fax bedifnungsanleitung purchased in their own countries. Enter the time in hour format you want to begin polling. Pull the jammed paper toward the back from the paper bedoenungsanleitung and remove it as per diagram A. The memory stores 30 minutes of voice messages, or up to 40 pages of fax messages.

Kleine Renigungsfunktion, vermutlich das was der Drucker im Druckbetrieb dazwischen auch mal macht. Page 91 Turn bedienngsanleitung black spool on the right clockwise to tighten the ribbon. Record four seconds of silence at the beginning of your message.

You can also use these keys to do an alphabetical search for the names of stored numbers. So kommt man in den Maintenance-Modus.

Never spill liquid of any kind on the product. Use the dial pad to enter your customized comment. Danach mit 99 den Wartungsmodus wieder verlassen. Transmission Verification Report and Journal Period.

One Touch Dial Keys These 6 keys give you access bedienungsanleituhg 12 previously stored phone numbers.