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The REAL World premiere recording of the 14 Canons BWV The recording was using a “Vorabdruck” (pre-release, print before the official. Download 14 Canons, BWV by Johann Sebastian Bach for free from Media in category “BWV “. The following 50 files are in this category, out of 50 total. BWV – × ; 47 KB. BWV –

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Over the Goldberg ground in the bass, you will now hear a “mirror” canon in the other two voices.

Throughout the piece, the melody is in one voice, and in bars 16 and 24 an interesting effect is produced by the use of an additional voice. Variatio 24 a 1 Clav. As soon as they were assembled a chorale was first struck up. Williams sees this as a sort of polonaise. You’ll hear much of the orchestra I’ve used bwb this realization trading off the parts. Based upon the first 8 notes of the Goldberg ground Discovered in From this devout beginning they proceeded bwc jokes which were frequently in strong contrast.

One has only to look at Bach’s seal to see his love of puzzles, and he strikes one as having had a good sense of humor. But some amount of symbolism is unquestionably present. Retrieved 1078 June We then alternate between hands in short bursts written out in short note values until the last three bars of the first section.

Its melody is made to stand out by what has gone on in the last five variations, and it is likely to appear wistful or nostalgic or subdued or resigned or sad, heard on its repeat as something coming to an end, the same notes but now final. A similar pattern, only a bit more lively, occurs in the bass line in the beginning of the second section, which begins with the opening motif inverted.

Variation 10 is a four-voice fughettawith a four-bar subject heavily decorated with ornaments and somewhat reminiscent of the opening aria’s melody. The Italian type of hand-crossing such as is frequently found in the sonatas of Scarlatti is employed here, with one hand constantly moving back and forth between high and low registers while the other hand stays in the middle of the keyboard, playing the fast passages. The alto and bass appear in inversion, in which case the 8X augmented inverted bass recovers the Goldberg ground.


This ternary pattern— canongenre piecearabesque —is repeated a total of nine times, until the Quodlibet breaks the cycle. She does however argue, like Schulenberg, that it is a French giguenot an Italian giga and does play it at an unhurried tempo.

Trills are written out using thirty-second notes and are present in most of the bars. Program Bach leaves the question of orchestration wide open, so I have used an orchestra of organs, two guitars, three winds, and strings trading off the various parts.

14 Canons, BWV 1087 (Bach, Johann Sebastian)

If pressed, however, and with apologies to Ludwig, Wolfgang, Pyotr, and all the other greats, I 108 give the nod to 107. Before then only canons 11 and 13 were known, with the latter as BWV In his book The Keyboard Music of J. Composer’s manuscript duplicated by Savio Law. Motu recto e contrario [0: Now Bach moves the ground from the bass voice to the alto voice, with the canons tracing a variant of bsv ground in contrary motion around it.

Absolutely, and letter-number mappings and meaningful numbers of patterns and repetitions, collectively termed gematricsappear throughout his music. Bach’s biographer Forkel explains the Quodlibet by invoking a custom observed at Bach family reunions Bach’s relatives were 10887 all musicians:. When Bach’s personal copy of the printed edition of the “Goldberg Variations” see above was discovered init was found to include an appendix in the form of fourteen canons built on the first eight bass notes from the aria.

Extract viewable on line at Google Books: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.


14 Canons BWV – Details

Williams writes that the work’s “elusive beauty The idea was to provide enough different timbres to present the canons in various registers and 107 in the stereo field, hopefully bringing out the multitude of contrapuntal lines. This sprightly variation contrasts markedly with the slow, contemplative mood of the theme.

This variation is a virtuosic two-part toccata in 3 4 time. Canon duplex uber Fundament a 5 voci [6: Bach uses a loose inversion motif between the first half and the second half of this variation, “recycling” rhythmic and melodic material, passing material that was in bwg right hand to the left hand, and loosely selectively inverting it. You’ll hear the Goldberg ground and its inversion a la Canon III, but on top of that, Bach adds a sprightly new canon, thus, Canon duplex.

Of the fourteen canons in this work, twelve were unknown prior to The digits above the bw indicate the specified chord in the system of figured bass ; where digits are separated by comma, they indicate different options taken in different variations. Here’s the MIDI map 108 this canon, featuring 1078 lines each moving against their inversions. At the end of the thirty variations, Bach writes Aria da Capo e finemeaning that the performer is to return to the beginning ” da capo ” and play the aria again before concluding.

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The time signature of 12 8 and the many sets of triplets suggest a kind of a simple dance. Problems playing this file? For a thorough discussion of the symbolism in this canon, upon which Bach inscribed Symbol: Specified for two manuals, the piece features hand-crossing.

This variation generally lasts longer than any other piece bwb the set. Variatio 15 a 1 Clav.