The Sutra Of Casket Seal Dharani From The Secrete Whole Bodies’ Relics Of All Buddhas’ hearts. Thus I have heard, at one time, The Buddha was at the. Rare Great Seal Casket Seal Dharani Stupa. This is one of the most potent Feng Shui cure. It is unparalleled in creating protection. It is made from acrylic It is 6. If you guys are interested in reading more about the Casket Seal Dhāraṇī, as I sure will be after this, you can find more info, as well as the full.

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Buddha Sutras

Hundreds and thousands of kotis Buddhas. They become Heavenly flowers, beautiful clothes and wonderful decorations made from seven gems appearing in front of ninety nine hundred thousand kotis Buddhas from the ten directions of the Universe.

In sum, all his wishes will be fulfilled without exception. When I enter nirvana, in the age of decadence and compelling. Dhxrani dharani has been found from Sri Lanka to Japan. At that time The Buddha walked to a small distance cas,et arrived at a garden named” Rich”. If he is miserly, the wealth will disappear suddenly. This site is a member of WebRing. Respectfully escorting the Buddha, the Brahmin carried wonderful incense and flowers with a reverent heart.

At that time all Buddhas from ten directions saw and wept. The material from mud, wood, caskef or brick will become seven gems because of the power of this sutra.


All the Dragon Kings will reinforce their air to create rain on time. Wherever a pagoda stands like a mountain, all gods will view it with reverence, stand guard, and make offerings day and night. The original three natures of the Buddha will appear. He returned home quickly and prepared one hundred delicious food and drinks at night.

But as dharano accept that essence, that nature, the samadhi slowly starts permeating you, and now you can say it more internally, you gain concentration, and you can sit with the dharani in meditation.

Sutra of the Whole-Body Relic Treasure Chest Seal Dharani, 一切如來心祕密全身舍利寶篋印陀羅尼經

Then The Bhagavad told Varjrapania. Vajrapani, for the benefit of ccasket sentient beings of the future, protect and uphold this Dharma, and make it endless. Also, at the place of the pagoda, people including young boys and girls, horses, and six kinds of livestock will not be plagued by epidemics.

Also, and this is a strong suggestion. No sick from cold or hot, lilou, dhafani, sore and scabies. People delighted eeal seeing him. He walked to The Buddha and surrounded Him for seven times. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here There was an old Stupa which was damaged with brambles and grass. You are commenting using your WordPress. Tathagata dharma chakra, pravartana vajri bodhi pana, Rumkara rumkriti, Sava tathagata dhistite, Bodhaya bodhaya bodhi bodhi, Buddhya buddhya, Samboddhani samboddhaya, Chala chala chalamtu, Sarva varanani, Sarva papavigate.


Also, the four sides of the pagoda will have the images of the Tathagatas. At that time The Varjrapania Bodhisattva wept seriously.

The poor effect is deleted and wealth comes suddenly. Buddha on the Wall Buddhist Wallpapers and More…. His clothing cannot cover his body and his food cannot sustain his life. Vengeful thoughts and curses will return to their fharani without resistance.

It will be neither disturbed by caset snakes, vipers, or poisonous insects and animals, nor harmed by lions, rampaging elephants, caskeg, wolves, jackals, or scorpions. We will urge the Shakra Emperor and the four Kings of the Heaven, all Dragons and the Eight Departments on the Heaven to protect this person day and night and do not leave him. No incantation from ghosts and monsters may do harm.

Also contained in it are 99 billion koti Tathagatacrowns. This Stupa became overlapping with no gap, as many as sesames. Thus I have heard: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

casket seal dharani sutra

If we hear the truth and wholeheartedly believe it, how much merit and virtual we can obtain? If anybody writes ,up holds and remind continuously this Sutra. The merit and virtual are as the same as abovementioned.