: Oath Breaker: Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, Book 5 (Audible Audio Edition): Michelle Paver, Ian McKellen, Orion Publishing Group Limited. Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #5: Oath Breaker [Michelle Paver, Geoff Taylor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Fast-paced and exciting . Note: This is the 5th book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series so this will not be an in-depth review. I picked up Oath Breaker by Michelle Paver.

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I would recomend this book to someone who loves magic and spirits. I was so pleasantly surprised because I did not qncient to love this one so much.

The hugely successful Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series arose from Michelle’s lifelong passion for animals, anthropology and the distant past – as as well as an encounter with a large bear in a remote valley in southern California.

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Oath Breaker

Racked by guilt and grief, he follows the killer into the Deep Forest, where the World Spirit stalks the hidden valleys as a tall man with the antlers of a stag. While on the island, Torak discovers that he is a spirit walker: Probably one of the best books in the series too. Entry details and list of past winners”. Preview — Oath Breaker by Michelle Paver. You can be in a throng of people, but if you’re afraid, you’re on your own. These books are so enjoyable.

Ugh, my heart hurts. The fight between Thiazzi and Torak was exhilarating. The theme of the struggle against a need for revenge was the best aspect of the book.

The Mage retreats to the deep forest which is oatgbreaker with evil and the clans close to it are turning.

Oath Breaker | Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Torak blames himself for leaving him alone and swears an oath to avenge his friend. Fa raised Torak away from the clans after his wife’s death to prevent the Soul Eaters from finding out about him and instead of teaching Torak magecraft, he decided to teach him important hunting and tracking skills, which would prove invaluable in Torak’s quest to oathbreaked the Soul Eaters.


In the end, he follows Torak to the Mountain of the World Spirit and tries to kill him, he fails and he and the bear are killed by an avalanche created by the World Spirit. It’s just got to be one of the best children’s series ever and more people NEED to read it, I’m 17 for Christs sakes and I bloomin’ love it!!

Torak and Wolf are captured by the Raven Clan for hunting a deer on their land; they are befriended by Renn, the prickly and outspoken niece of the clan’s leader Fin-Kedinn.

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, Book 6. The three realize this was why the two surviving Soul Eaters were not hunting Torak as well. Again and again he makes mistakes and does not learn a thing. Write a customer review. Jun 12, Bella rated it really liked it. I loved Wolf Brother, the first book of this series.

Sorry, this title is no longer available. After much pleading, Dark releases Torak and ventures with him to the Mountain of Ghosts.

Torak learns that his father hid oathrbeaker last fragment of the fire opal inside the knife he gave Torak before his death, and it is part ancisnt the reason why Seshru was hunting him. Retrieved 28 February This darkjess the cubs first time ever out of the Den.

Three months later, Dark is named the new Raven Mage, and, after saying goodbye to Fin-Kedinn and promising to return one day, Torak and Renn set off with Wolf, Darkfur, Pebble, and the ravens Rip and Rek, to continue to explore the forest.


English Choose a language for shopping. This was yet another engaging read in the series and I look forward to the concluding novel. I can’t get enough of these books and I’m all grown up! Torakthe main character, begins the series as a naive, defensive, and curious boy of twelve. All I know is, I could not hand books to any of the ten to 12 year olds in sarkness life, not in good conscious. Retrieved 23 October The main character, Torak, alone in the world, soon meets a lone wolf cub, Wolf, with whom he can communicate having spent around three months in a wolf den as a baby.

This title is not available for you. However, it was an exciting read. Product details Audible Audiobook Listening Length: I could read these sarkness over and over again.

Although he only appears briefly at the start of Wolf Brother when he is killed by the demon bear, his legacy is the driving force behind the whole of the books.

Torak’s late father, Fa, joined the chroincles against his wife’s advice, before rejecting their desire to take power.

They plan to control the demons with a fire opal. Fin-Kedinn changes Torak’s outcast tattoo, making him part of all types of clans. The Chronicles of Ancient Darkeness books are simply brilliant. His readings of these books is proof. Retrieved from ” https: Wolf Brother became darknesd national bestseller in the United States, and the rights to the series were bought by 20th Century Fox to be made into major motion pictures.