Crumar Bit99 Crumar Bit One Wave Alchemy Evolution Roland JUNO Korg Poly 61 I have the 99 (a black one), had two BITs for a while. The Crumar Bit 99 has an average rating of out of 5.(The Crumar Bit 99 has a total of 10 reviews). Sonic State:SynthSite:Crumar Bit 99 ted by Henri Pigmans. Also on this page: links to other resources for the Crumar Bit

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Having only one filter meant that with key tracking enabled the filter would open up as different keys were pressed, wildly changing the sound of active notes. It Works perfectly, except that depending The emulation recognises the following parameters: The second is the bit that included midi and crumaf parameter in the GUI and has the white design that was an option from Crumar.

Since the displays only have 2 digits it is not totally straightforward to enter these values and they are only available in Single mode, not dual or split – strangely similar to the original specification for editing memories. The transpose selectors 32′, 16′, 8′ and 2′ were exclusive in the original. The following were added which were not really part of the Bit specifications so are only visible on the front panel of the bit This is because they are crkmar in the bristol MIDI library and not the emulation.

Crumar Bit 99

The Bit includes some, or the others you can access them as follows: This synth was used by State but the synth sounds a lot like Orbital ‘s “In-sides” album. It had 99 memories, and the ones from 75 and above were for Split and Layered memories.

big This is anticipated in 0. When you load it with a single push on the Load button it returns to the active program, but if you double click then its ‘peer’ program is loaded into the other layer: The synth was not really stereo, it had two outputs – one for each layer.


Crumar Performer Brass Section Hi there. In dual or split they came out separate feeds if Stereo was selected. Audio Clip 1 Here’s a simple demo pattern from the Breakthru web bitt.

However with The different Crumar models being released as the digital era began they kind of fell between the crack. Per default the emulation, as per the original, will not allow voice editing in Split or Layer modes however it can ceumar enabled with DE The edit method is easy to understand.

When you save a memory it is written to memory with a ‘peer’ program locator. Just played italian sound only: Crumr can edit the upper layer voices but they will be saved with their original extended parameters.

Crumar Bit 99 – Specifications, pictures, prices, links, reviews and ratings

Also, the controllers look like boolean however that is only the case if the data entry buttons are used, if you change the value with the data entry pot then they act more like continuous drawbars, a nice effect however the display will not vit the actual value as the display remains boolean, you have to use your ear. The implementation actually uses two different stereo mixes selectable with the Stereo button: This emulation also covers the Bit The engine uses the exact same algorithm for all emulations but the GUI presents different sets crumae parameters on the front panel.

There are three slightly different Bit GUI’s. Since this is a purely digital emulations then the filters are a bit weak. Bristol will also emulate a bit and a Bitm2 that includes some parameter on the front panel that were not available on the original. Those that are not displayed can only be accessed from the data entry bitt.

  BNX022 01L PDF

A rackmount version was also released, called the Bit View the discussion thread. This may seem correct however it is possible to edit an upper layer voice, save it, and have it sound different when next loaded since the extended parameters biit taken from a different lower layer.

When you select a parameter and change it’s value then the changes are not actually made to the active program, they just change the current sounds. As bristol is stereo then each layer is allocated to the left or right channel.

Sounds Of The Crumar Bit 99 Synthesizer

Oscillators – 2 DCOs per voice. All the emulations have the same parameters, some require you use the data entry controls to access them. Anyway, whilst considering how to implement the entry keys and having features like the mouse cumar the selectors of the parameter graphics I was reminded of this synthesizer.

Bristol is free software.

Crumar Bit 99 Programmable Polyphonic Touch Sensitive Synthesizer – Crumar – Encyclotronic

These are only activated for the lower layer loaded memory, not curmar dual loaded secondaries or upper layer loaded memories. The bristol envelope, when configured for velocity sensitive parameters other than just gain will also affect the attack rate. These mixes can be changed with parameters to using extended data vrumar documented below. For the other emulations they are accessible from the address entry buttons. You can mix the waveform as per the original however the apparant boolean selectors are again continuous from 0.