The CV90 Armadillo heavy armored personnel carrier was developed by BAE Systems. This armored vehicle was revealed in It is based on the proven. CV infantry fighting vehicle of the CV90 armoured combat vehicle family In July , BAE Systems unveiled a new variant of CV90, called Armadillo. The BAE CV90 Armadillo IFV Family brings extremely high levels of protection and flexibility in payload and battlefield utility to a new range of vehicles using.

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The CV 90 was designed to produce a armwdillo low and very compact structure to minimize radar and IR-signatures. Crew 3 men Personnel 8 men Dimensions and weight Weight 29 – 35 t Length 6. A third crewman depending on vehicle variant is seated to the right of the Commander. As of the spring ofSweden operates nine Strf Cs in Afghanistan.

Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90)

Retrieved 2 June BAE Systems is considering upgrading the CV90 with a hybrid-electric propulsion system as armies look to cut fuel expenses, due to environmental issues and fuel economy. Retrieved 10 October This armored vehicle is based on the proven CV90 infantry fighting vehicle.

Retrieved from ” https: Versions are referred to by the letters A, B or C depending on upgrades. Retrieved 25 January Unveiled inthe Armadillo was delivered and trialled in Denmark during Developers claim that it withstands mine blasts with explosive weight in excess of 10 kg. Other proposed versions of the CV90 Armadillo family include ambulance, mortar carrier, command vehicle, logistics vehicle and recovery vehicle.

Various customer requirements have led to several variants of the CV90, where major differences are in survivability and electronic architecture. This superstructure with mission compartment is modular.


CV90 Armadillo Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier |

Top 10 Armored Personnel Carriers. Teknisk Ukeblad in Norwegian. The CV90 has undergone four mark shifts to meet different customer requirements, focused on capability enhancements. The first delivered CV90 was for Sweden. The explosion was so powerful that the vehicle was turned over.

CV90 Armadillo

The areas that have undergone most development armdillo to Mk II are lethality, fightability, electronic architecture, survivability and mobility. The Armadillo layout is almost identical to the older CV90, the Driver is located in the front left of the hull, with the engine bay to his right.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Clearly visible is the added cvv90 on the crew section of the vehicle, a total of 5 vehicles were delivered. The CV90 platform design has continuously evolved in steps from Mk0 to current MkIV with advances in technology and in response to changing battlefield requirements. Archived from the original on 15 April This armored personnel carrier is well protected.

Retrieved 31 July The Swedish Army ordered five variants of the CV Having armsdillo heavily outnumbered by the Taliban forces, the Norwegians used mortars and, in particular, CV90s, to suppress the attack. Developed specifically for the Nordic sub-arctic climatethe vehicle has very good mobility in snow and wetlands while carrying and supporting six to eight armadiillo equipped dismount soldiers.

With every generation of CV90 there has been an increase armaillo payload and corresponding protection levels.

Retrieved 1 June Retrieved 14 June Retrieved 21 December Swedish CV90s have seen combat with insurgents on dozens of occasions. The CV90 armadillo fitted with a nuclear, biological, and chemical NBC filtration system accompanied by a chemical detector and radiation detector systems. A decision for integration is to be made by early Production of the CV 90 began inand as of over 1, vehicles had been ordered. Inthe prototypes for Strf and Strf were ordered. All from A onwards remain in service.


Its roof can be unbolted and different mission packages can be fitted. Archived from the original on 2 June Views Read Edit View history.

Top 10 Main Battle Tanks.

Armoured personnel carriers of Sweden Armoured fighting vehicles of the post—Cold War period Tracked infantry fighting vehicles Military vehicles — The Finnish Ministry of Defence. Arjadillo electronic architecture has been further upgraded for Mk III to be completely digitized.

The BAE CV90 Armadillo IFV Family –

The remotely-controlled weapon station can accommodate heavier weapons up to 35 mm caliber. Trials on mobility, reliability, lethality, fightability, ergonomics, durability and survivability were performed during the trials phase for these vehicles with good results for CV90 Mk I.

CV90 Mk I was the first IFV with a high hit probability performance during suppression fire modes, both while the vehicle is on the move and against air targets. The Armadillo is fitted with remotely-controlled weapon station. Iron Fist employs a multi-sensor early warning system utilizing both infrared and radar sensors to deploy soft- and hard-kill countermeasures against anti-tank rockets and missiles.

The mobility improvements, in the field of upgraded suspension and power to weight ratio, was performed to handle the increased gross vehicle weight. The CV90 also uses heat-absorbing filters to provide temporary protection against thermal imaging TISimage intensifier and infrared camera IR.

All-round protection is against 25 mm armor-piercing projectiles.