Create DA Form in minutes using a fillable PDF editor. Fill da form armypubs instantly, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile. No software. You can free download DA Form to fill, edit, print and sign. editing just like in Microsoft Word: Intelligent form recognition makes your PDF form fillable.

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Use this form fillable PDF for maintenance and repair, in order to document deficiencies, faults, structural damage, and needed repairs through preventive maintenance checks on each container unit and components. Simply open the template to generate a new multi-point inspection form, run through the inspection checklist, and the results are saved electronically for your records.

Every equipment for sure has its own manual, which is needed under box number 7. It is a way of stating or reporting such events in which a maintenance group or personnel is needed to do the job and avoid further problems. What DA Form is Taking care of the equipments in a military is taken care of by some commanders and higher ranks soldier.

Free Download DA Form 2404

It gives them the ca for the equipments that their party has and the rights to ask for maintenance if or whenever it malfunctions. In column C is the place to provide the problem of the said equipment and on column D is the remedy or the corrective actions needed.

Moreover is a cell box in which the applicant must fill in with the list of the equipments fillabel worked on by the inspector, including its item number, and their status fillbale columns A and B. In filable that the applicant find it a bit tricky, here is a step by step procedure on how to fill it out:. If there are more than two manuals of the equipment is to be used, the filing applicant can add it by attaching at the end of the form.


In order to do a formal report regarding the damage or problem, they use this DA Form First is the name of the organization that is working on the specific equipment that is inspected. Next part, from boxes 2 to 9 will be more on identifying and detailing the rillable that is to be expected.

This app helps increase motor vehicle safety with industrial trucks and lifting equipment, and helps ensure that shipping companies always have inspection reports on file. United States of America. In case daa the applicant find it a bit tricky, here is a step by step procedure on how to fill it out: Once addressed, each item must be signed off with the initials of the maintenance personnel in column e. Fully accessible from any smartphone or tablet, the user friendly DA form helps maintenance personnel do their jobs from anywhere in the field.

In the form, there are spaces provided in each and every details fillabke. Some DA Form can be filled out by the attending maintenance personnel but this must be done in the presence of the maintenance group of the army. Start your free trial! Under box 7, you must identify the technical manual that is to be used in the inspection and maintenance.

Once the form is done, check for any corrections or make a list first to avoid mistakes when filling up the form. Everything must be written down individually.

Use this app’s reporting feature to run convenient reports, exportable as PDFs in real time. Close Window Loading, Please Wait!

This may take a second or two. List each item number and their status individually in fillablf a and b. Free Download, Edit, Fill. The rest of the worksheet is devoted to listing and identifying the items inspected and the fillabe records.


After completion of the DA Formthe record should be kept with the equipment for further reference in future maintenance events. Military Time Conversion Chart Template: Gather all the informations regarding the equipments that are enlisted on the form.

Identify the operating information pertinent to the equipment.

Army Publishing Directorate

Additionally, the amount of service time must be recorded 22404 Box Ensure that you supply the nomenclature and model of the equipment in box 2. Make sure that the items enlisted are readable for it will be used in further problems and can be used as a reference. How can we help? Write the specific identification of the item. Box 1 must be filled in, identifying the organization working on the piece of equipment.

Dz sure that the name is in general or clearly stated. In Box 8, the maintenance provider or inspector must certify the fillanle by signing and dating. This DA Form Cargo Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet makes it easy to complete full electronic inspections of shipping container equipment quickly and easily.

Along with this line is the time box wherein the applicant needs to write down the amount of time that the service has taken. Filling a DA Form should be quite easy for the person fillablr charge of doing so. You must include any mileage, hours, hot starts, or other measuring 24004 of the equipment. Identify all technical manuals to be used. Boxes 2 through 6 identify the equipment that will be inspected or worked on. With this equipment inspection checklist, occupational safety officers, motor vehicle inspections teams and freight forwarding companies can help prevent issues with equipment before shipments leave the port.

It would help a lot during the process.