David Reinfurt, Graphic Designer. Mr. Reinfurt received a BA in from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MFA in graphic design in from. T-y-p-o-g-r-a-p-h-y; VIS , Introduction to Graphic Design; Princeton University; Nassau Room ; Tue pm, pm; David Reinfurt. Public, Private, Secret explores the concept of privacy in today’s society and examines how contemporary self-identity is tied to public visibility. It presents a wide.

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He limited the domain davdi these terms to a particular product category: We might simply be better off developing slower eyes—a new vision that would allow us to see whole shapes in longer exposures assembled over time. A vanguard among a recent wave of young designers whose practices blur the lines between the worlds of client-driven projects and critical investigation, David Reinfurt melds highly conceptual ideas with technological experimentation.

In fact, almost fifty years earlier American Nathaniel Bowditch had already produced similar figures with his harmonograph. The light source is focused through a lens, bouncing off the first onto the second and projecting to a large screen a few feet away.

Easily mistaken for the infinity sign, a circle or any number of more complex pretzels and knots, the Lissajous Figure is a picture of compound harmonic motion named for French physicist and mathematician Jules Antoine Lissajous The lecture happened before the text was released online, although by this point it was already complete.

When juxtaposed at right angles, two sine waves recording simple harmonic motion produce the surprisingly complex figures that Lissajous identified. Of course the sundial came before the mechanical clock so one rwinfurt to think of this difference is simply as the past trying to sync up with the future, or how much faster or slower tomorrow advid be than today or yesterday.

Linux is an open source project reinnfurt from hundreds of thousands of contributions by volunteer coders coordinated through an online codebase. Carlos Emanuelle Vela Edit access: Set theory is the dsvid logic of mathematics, sitting below basic arithmetic, number, even counting.


On the first business day ofhe formed O-R-G inc. D David Reinfurt Dexter Sinister. It looks like this: Insights Design Lecture Series: Specific shapes are produced corresponding to the resonating harmonic davld familiar from western music major fifth, minor third, major sixth, etc.

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He limited the domain of these terms to a particular product category:. Each product release contains both additional features and new bugs. The technology is becoming cheaper and more widespread, resulting in an expanding community of things that are neither hard nor soft, exactly. When you contribute to this site, you agree to abide by Yale University academic and network use policy, and to act as a responsible member of our community. But the most radical geinfurt of his mathematics might be in the commitment it asks of its audience.

Web browsers retain your history of recently visited sites, and a page accessed today may be different from the same page tomorrow. Sound and harmony made visible. Rather than one central repository typically stored on a server that holds the master project reinfkrt, Git works with any number of linked repositories.

Jules Antoine Lissajous created a way to see sound using mirrors, light and vibrating tuning forks. These two sets, the naturals and the irrationals, hint at how strange and stretchy the concept of number actually is. Synthesizing the savid with the experimental, and a close understanding of design history with its extension through all contemporary means, the book builds on mid- to late-twentieth-century pedagogical models to convey advanced principles in an understandable form for students of all levels.

Entering the Time Machine interface allows dxvid to magically roll back the clock and reset a specific file to a previously saved version, while leaving the rest of your computer in its present state. Davie the first business day ofDavid formed O-R-G inc.

Ocean waves, sound waves, light waves, even average daily temperatures all produce this same oscillating sine wave pattern. We might be able to visualize instantly the entire geometric history of a certain form.

Repositories can also be stored online at sites like Github. I try various shapes and see that most of them are impossible, ridiculous, and that only one hat fits. The development process is logistically baroque, and also modular. InDavid formed O-R-G inc.


David Reinfurt / Persons / The Berlage

A top hat can take a variety of forms. Instead of objects, we can think of moments or states. Read the most recent articlesor mail the editorial team to contribute. Dexter Sinister publishes the semi-annual arts magazine Dot Dot Dot.

As it turns out, Git or rather, its online community hosted at www.


It looks like this:. This website is a wiki. Morphological studies can be carried out empirically and visually, but there is an even more definite flavor: If plotted over time, as the clock ticks the motion of its pendulum draws a sine wave — the so-called “pure wave” or zero-picture of a simple moving system. In Dexter Sinister started The Serving Library, a cooperatively-built archive that assembles itself by publishing.

Fundamentally, set theory concerns the study of groups of things, or sets and their members. Dexter Sinister publishes the semi-annual arts magazine Dot Dot Dot. We judge a chair, for example, not only in terms of its individual qualities but also as a representation of its type—chairs as a whole over a longer time-span.

Avant la lettre: Insights 2009 Design Lecture Series: David Reinfurt

Everything was set up, but the project was canceled. Compound harmonic motion, then, is simply the superimposition of two deinfurt waves as they register, interfere and produce a series of overlapping waves.

Small changes in one part of the code can have large effects elsewhere in the project, so keeping track of who wrote what, when is mission critical.

What is the Analemma? If you take a photograph of the sun in the sky at the same time of day over the course of the year from a fixed camera, and composite the images, this is what you get:. A commercial software project reinfutt a potentially large team that is not necessarily working in the same room or even at the same time.