This Debian GNU/Linux reference covers many aspects of system administration through Maintainer: Osamu Aoki (青木 修). Packages overview for Osamu Aoki. Osamu Aoki > — Bugs: open debian-reference · 9 · Graph · -, , , , -, · 1 bug · Git!2. debian-reference (Version 2 series). Fri, 09 Mar + Osamu Aoki,. This Debian Reference (v2) is intended to provide a broad overview of the .

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The ifupdown-extra package 5.

Debian Reference

Expansion of usable storage space via LVM 9. Mounting the ISO image file 9. Table of Contents Preface 1. Idioms for the copy List refedence advanced package management operations 2. Configuration of Subversion repository List of version control system tools Basics of encoding 8. Customizing the X session new method 7.

Making the ISO image file 9. List of basic network configuration commands with ifupdown 5. The basic network reconfiguration 5. Expansion of usable storage space by overlay-mounting another directory 9. List of remote mail retrieval and forward utilities 6.


Notable options for CVS commands use as first argument s to cvs 1 List of notable system provided groups for particular command executions 1.

Splitting a large file into small files 9. Tips for the package management 2. It covers many aspects of system administration through shell-command examples for non-developers. Mail data basics System wide upgrade 2. Sharing, copying, and archiving The configuration of exim4 6.

List of Ghostscript PostScript interpreters The mapping stanza 5. List of data encryption utilities 9. I18N and L10N 8. List of firewall tools 6. Security reverence authentication 4. Git for the Subversion repository The content of the Debian archive meta data 2.

The modern network referencf without GUI 5.

Osamu Aoki’s Wiki contents for users

List of basic X office applications 7. Connecting a remote X client via SSH 7. Remote access to Subversion via SSH List of the aptitude regex formula 2. Timing a process 9. Tracking unstable with some packages from experimental 2.


Debian Reference

Mail transport agent MTA 6. List of views for aptitude 2. Backup utility suites Fonts in the X Window 7.

For other contact information, see the Debian contact page. List of tools for monitoring and controlling program activities 9.

Using GnuPG with Mutt List of text data conversion tools Securing the root password 5. Pretty print a manual page Problems and patches should be reported as bugs against the release-notes pseudo-package.

Command line options 1. List of low level network commands 5. List of boot loaders 3. Scheduling tasks once 9. List of important postfix manual pages 6. List of usage of key directories 1.