Der Neinsager Hide Der Jasager (Hebbel-Theater Berlin) (8 F). Media in category “Der Jasager”. The following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total. Bertolt Brecht. Der Jasager und der Neinsager – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Der Jasager (). School opera in two acts. Libretto by Bertolt Brecht, after the Japanese play Taniko (translated into German by Elisabeth Hauptmann from.

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The chorus reinforces the decision ” Sie sahen, dass keine Vorstellungen “. In Der Neinsagerthe boy answers no and suggests instead that a different custom should be introduced, “‘the custom that one must think afresh in every new situation”‘. As they approach dder shelter, the boy confesses that he is not well ” Wir sind schnell hinangestiegen “. Guide to orchestration, territory abbreviations, and publishers’ symbols.

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In the process I want to take over whatever I hitherto found right, like what I once termed the gestic approach to music. Or do you consent that you should be hurled into the valley as the Custom prescribes?

Jasaged teacher leads a hike in the mountains, among the hikers being a young boy whose mother is quite ill. What I need far more is a new Great Custom, which we should bring at once, the Custom of thinking things out anew in every situation.

I ask my student to look again at the instructions I post after the first two readings: I ask my students to read three different passages aloud: The majority of my students, especially those who volunteer to talk, produce three conventional paragraphs claiming that, yes, a group would benefit from performing the Brecht scenes.


The boy decides that he knew the risks and should not impede the expedition. It was successful and there were over performances during the following three years. The child, who decided to join the journey in order to get medicine for his ill mother, becomes sick during the climb and the TEACHER tells him:.

Let me say something: Then the three students bear him gently to the cliff and throw him over. Yes 1 was not presented at the Berlin festival but first performed by students and broadcast on radio on 23 June — followed by between two and three hundred other school performances before Hitler took power in Germany.

He admits that the boy is ill, and the students remind him of the strict old custom that whoever falls ill during the journey over the mountains must be hurled into the valley ” Wir wollen es dem Lehrer sagen “. The child, who decided to join the journey in order to get medicine for his ill mother, becomes sick during the climb and the TEACHER tells him: I tell the students that I will once again ask them to hand in their work.

I ask my student to look again at the instructions I post after the first two readings:.

Immediately after the third reading, I ask for volunteers to respond to three questions: The teacher forbids him–the journey is too long and difficult and he should un home. The teacher reminds them that the sick person may also demand that the entire party turn back. Brecht subsequently revised the text twice, the final version, including Der Neinsagerbeing without music. The chorus reiterates the theme “Wichtig zu lernen” reprise.

Der Jasager

Why or why not? Whoever says A must also say B. Of course, the pressure of Evaluation encourages them to apply the explicit instructions from the first prompt to Yes 2 and write a paragraph arguing for its pedagogical value. Please take 3 minutes to write. Because you are ill and can go no further, we must leave you here. The chorus announces the theme of the work: Do you have something to pass in?


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Do you want us to turn back home for your sake? The teacher describes his trip to the mother, who asks if he wants to bring the boy along ” Ich bin lange nicht hier gewesen “.

EAMC All other neinssger When you were asked at the start if you would consent to whatever might happen on the journey, you replied yes. Dee using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat He has said yes.

But the boy reminds him that he is visiting a great physician, who might be able to help his mother. With this casting choice, I hope to demonstrate that authority and submission are distributed to teachers and students as part of their assigned or reassigned roles. They performed the revision resulting from these discussions, Yes 2, on 18 May The chorus explains that the teacher, the boy, and three older students are on the way back, and the boy is exhausted ” Die Leute haben die Reise in die Berge “.

When the boy falls ill, the teacher tells him that jsager will contaminate the journey unless he agrees to be thrown to his death.