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Figure 1. Type DVC Digital Valve Controller Mounted on a Sliding-Stem Valve Actuator not only itself, but also the valve and actuator to which it is mounted. Many thanks for your valuable feedback regarding this matter: There is a control valve with Actuator Fisher (power fail:Open) and a DVC Hart and an. FISHER DVC FIELDVUE Pneumatic Valve POSITIONER 30V-DC D : Industrial & Scientific.

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My name is Thales Camargo, Many thanks for your valuable feedback regarding this matter: For addition information click on the link. It is written on the actuator nameplate Power Fail: I am sending some information to your personal mail.

In the event of a loss dgc power to the DVC, the valve will be open and allow flow through. As I do not have information on the relay type of the DVC on your site, it is difficult for me to 601 what will happen on your end.

I verified the configuration and it was set the Zero Power condition as Valve Close default value. Many thanks for your valuable answer, I look 6001 to receiving your comments on this issue.

The DVC has a relay type C. In reply to Thales: Zero pressure to Fisher will retract the stem upwards.


Again, thanks a lot for sharing your knowlegde and expertise. Click here to join. We offer significant savings, quick lead times, and friendly service.

Mentioned that the configuration on the handheld is not an option, it is for the user to let the DVC know how the valve and actuator has been set up. Click on the link below see our 601 Fisher products flyer: Sullivan and Sons Valves. Join Our Mailing List! Suggested a reverse acting relay B if the ZPC needs to be changed to close.

The actual configuration on DVC is: The controllers sense two different pressures and compare the difference between these pressures with an operator-adjusted set point. Become a member of this Emerson Exchange group.

You can email me at alex. Many thanks In advance Alex for your valuable answer. The sequence of ddvc will go: In addition to the traditional function of converting an input current signal to a pneumatic output pressure, the DVC digital valve controller communicate via HART protocol.

In reply to Thales:. This will give full air output to the actuator at 4mA or 0mA and zero air output at 20mA.

Give us a call today. A pneumatic signal is then delivered to a control element to change the process differential pressure toward the set point. Could you provide me some technical feedback on this point? There is a control valve with Actuator Fisher power fail: 66010 reply to Alex Quah: DVC digital valve controllers are communicating, microprocessor-based current-to-pneumatic instruments.


Fisher FIELDVUE Instruments DVC6010 Valve Controller Positioner

These include “E” series globe, Vball, and butterfly valves. Hi Thales, Nice to meet you. They are trying to match stroke and command to the DVC But there is no positive results. In reply to Alex Quah:. DVC digital valve controllers are designed to directly replace standard pneumatic and electro-pneumatic valve mounted positioners. I tried to persuade the team without sucess. Sullivan and Sons, Inc. Replacement valve trim for. However the actuator is Fisher Open. This will give zero power failure ZPC of close and pneumatic failure of open to the current valve assembly.

Thanks Alex for your response. Remanufactured with 2 year.

Fisher DVC Sale!

How can I attached some pictures in order to ilustrates much better my case? Fisher Flyer Don’t forget! This will pull the plug to an open position on a PDTC valve. All of dv remanufactured products include a 2 year warranty.

Screenshots show that the users are aware of the inverted feedback.