Features. Non-contacting bushing seal; Gas-lubricated; Bi-directional; Ready-to- fit cartridge unit; Equipped with Espey carbon rings type WKA In the United States since , EagleBurgmann operates manufacturing, functions at its Houston headquarters including a dynamic dry gas seal test facility. EagleBurgmann BT. Mechanical seals. Reliable shaft seals for large pump series . High quality made in Italy. Rely on excellence.

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AX5 Unbalanced Independent on direction of rotation. Case Studies Runs smoothly, eavleburgmann with inadequate lubrication Runs smoothly, even with inadequate lubrication more Case Studies.

Find the right product. Mechanical seals for marine current turbines. Register here to subscribe. EagleBurgmann sealx established the high performance SHF mechanical seal for use in multi-stage high-pressure boiler feed pumps in power stations. Carbon floating ring seals. Register here to subscribe. AX30 Unbalanced Dependent on direction of rotation Solid seats. EA Single seal Loosely inserted seal face provides self-adjusting capability In-house manufactured sliding parts.

HA Single seal Unbalanced Independent of direction of rotation Positive torque transmission due to bayonet drive between seal head and drive collar O-Ring groove for ventilation prevents solids build-up and enhances flexibility. MG9 For plain shafts Single and dual seal Elastomer bellows rotating Unbalanced Independent of direction of rotation No torsion on bellows and spring Conical or cylindrical spring Metric and inch sizes available Special eagpeburgmann dimensions available US Patent No.


DGS Centers of Competence. The EagleBurgmann product portfolio comprises a broad range of high-quality standard products.

SHF Mechanical Seal

SeccoMix R For top, side and bottom entry drives Dry running Nitrogen pressurized dual seal Rotating seat at product side Balanced Independent of direction of rotation. Stay informed with Seaks in Practice. The new generation of elastomer bellows seals for pumps.

WRS Oil-lubricated Bi-directional Externally pressurized Ready-to-fit cartridge unit Single, face bushing and double seal available Suitable for high speed Hydrodynamic grooves for increased operating capabilities eaglburgmann stabilized low leakage. For a larger view, please mouseover the image.

EagleBurgmann is one of the worldwide leading providers of industrial sealing technology. The fascination of sealing technology.

Case Studies Runs smoothly, even with inadequate lubrication Runs smoothly, even with inadequate lubrication more Case Studies. MG1 For plain shafts Single and dual seal Elastomer bellows rotating Unbalanced Independent of direction of rotation No torsion on bellows. Products Mechanical seals Mechanical seals for pumps Pusher seals Standard cartridge seals Elastomer bellows seals Metal bellows seals Engineered seals Split seals Gas-lubricated seals.

Customers OEM Oil and gas industry Refining technology Chemical industry Pharmaceutical industry Power plant technology Pulp and paper sfals Water applications Mining industry Food and beverage processing industry Shipbuilding Aerospace industry Engineering and planning companies.

M For top entry drives Double seals Unbalanced Independent of direction of rotation Multiple springs rotating Liquid-lubricated Cartridge unit. Sealing solutions for every requirement.

Mechanical seals

H12N For stepped shafts Single seal Balanced Dependent of direction of rotation Torque transmission via conical spring.


Solutions for Innovative Energy Production. The high-end trio for difficult operating conditions Permanent plant availability thanks to robust solutions Read more The development deals sealing technology is closely related to industrial progress. PDGS Gas-lubricated Uni-directional or bi-directional Elastomer-free Ready-to-fit cartridge unit Single, double, tandem seal and tandem with intermediate labyrinth available Separation seals as labyrinths, carbon rings or CobaSeal are optionally available.

Type The water-lubricated stern tube seals type from EagleBurgmann are not alone an environment-friendly solution.

Mechanical seals – Sealing Solutions

EagleBurgmann equips latest Norwegian oil production facility. We also design and manufacture engineered and one-off solutions specific to customer for every application. Unitex Single cartridge seal Elastomer bellows Unbalanced Independent of direction of rotation Rotating spring Bellows and spring free from torsion Metric and inch sizes available.

Sealing solutions for innovative energy production Mechanical seals for marine current turbines. Sealing solutions for every requirement. Carbon floating ring seals.

In addition, this series also comes with service-proven EagleBurgmann shrink-fit technology for carbon seal faces. The SeccoMix series of EagleBurgmann. Register here to subscribe. Since we are part of the German Freudenberg and Japanese EKK group, we have all the necessary resources for a firmly based reliable partnership.