Effortless Mastery has ratings and 74 reviews. David said: As a jazz pianist, this book was a paradigm changer. Kenny Werner goes beyond chops, the. A concise, free and complete summary of “Effortless Mastery” – Kenny Werner’s bottleneck busting guide to mastering your craft by learning to. Effortless Mastery was not written by a philosopher or an academic. Kenny Werner, is one of my favorite pianists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Trivia About Effortless Master Amazing inner journey with this book, which I treated as a workbook to greatly assist my music performance.

The book could almost be titled, The Zen of Music Improvisation. Refresh and try again. A must for Musicians, but also for writersartistsdancers Email address It will remain private. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

Actually, for anyone that has a passion in life. Feb 18, Douglas H. Maestro Werner has shed a bright light on an area of art-making and creativity in general that has remained in the dark for far too long. I am in the three quarters through and not feeling so good about this.

Wish Lists Sign In. It reflects the character of the player as an evolved being, and the depth with which he unites himself to his notes. I found that Kenny Werner utilized a good portion of Zen discipline to illustrate the importance of complete engagement in performance.

Poesia Pirouet Records buy. I wish there was a book that took these concepts and discussed the science and psychology behind them instead of using wishy-washy spiritualism.


These adaptations never would have occurred to me, and I am very thankful this book was gifted to me! For Pros Sign in or sign up to upload your events.

Book Summary: “Effortless Mastery”, Kenny Werner

The comments about this book being new-agey are not really fair. Includes an inspiring CD of meditations designed to initiate positive thought.

Kenny’s techniques really help the process along. This book gives you permission to screw up.

Many are so impressed that they buy copies for their musician friends as gifts. He presents these ideas in a way that can integrate spirituality and wegner together which gives my guitar This book is great for musicians who are frustrate with their practice and want to improve.

If you shop at any of the stores below, please initiate your purchase from All About Jazz. Voting takes seconds so please participate! It feels like someone is putting their hand on your shoulder and telling you that whatever insecurities you’re feeling about your abilities is ok while reminding you that you just need to play because you LIKE playing music. This doesn’t at all mean that we have to play “joyous” sounding music, but just that we should cultivate an approach to music that involves a good level of self-respect and adventurousness rather than inadequacy and rigid discipline.

But I know for a fact that it applies to everyone else, who isn’t sure if they’re wasting their life, or if they’d be better off pursuing some other interest. We find kehny answers in Effortless Mastery.

Effortless Mastery : Kenny Werner :

We can all benefit from Werner’s insight in all of our endeavors. However, to expand our offerings and develop new means to foster jazz discovery we need your help.


Sep 22, David rated it really liked it Lenny to David by: I did enjoy the book since much of it deals specifically with musical improvisation and I have been concentrating for the last couple of years on getting better at improvisation. Unfortunately, I ran into several mental blocks that really discouraged me. In the early moments of Effortless Mastery: The worldwide leader in jazz improvisation educational materials for over 50 years! For the first time in decades, I could consciously release the tension in my wrists.

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Learn more and read our FAQ. Might sound scary, but when the process leads to an eternal bliss, who’d protest. Masttery positive affirmations are annoyingly effective. Neither of them were known for chops, but both forced you to stop and listen. Views Read Edit View history.

Effortless Mastery – Wikipedia

Sign in or sign up to upload your MP3 for “Download of the Day” consideration. The author is coming from a closed in negative place, and is more of a scold than an inspiration.

I was more than a little sceptical when I first started reading, especially since Werner’s biggest focus was piano. I will probably add updates later. Film Reviews Open Land: Its horrible mastrry ridiculous. Retrieved 6 December