Marji, the child narrator of Marjane Satrapi’s powerful cartoon novel, Persepolis, is now a young woman in her early twenties. Where Persepolis was a political. This slight follow-up to Satrapi’s acclaimed Persepolis books explores the lives of Iranian women young and old. The book begins with Satrapi. From the best–selling author of Persepolis comes this gloriously entertaining and enlightening look into the sex lives of Iranian women.

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I was absolutely fascinated with their gossipy personalities and how comfortable they felt at poking fun at the men in their lives. Enbroideries the best—selling author of Persepolis comes this gloriously entertaining and enlightening look into the sex lives of Iranian women.

Setting a book about women’s sex lives in Iran has its challenges to lighthearted storytelling and emrboideries book is full of depictions of the veil, arranged marriage and strange sexual superstitions. Books of the Week.

Now let me tell you about something that happened to a friend of mine And the story begin On the wedding night, Nahid tries to fake virginity by surreptitiously cutting herself with a razor blade. When one first thinks of the conservative Islamic regime one does not associate it with any type of sexual openness.

View Full Version of PW. Jika dalam Dongeng seorang anak, cerita-cerita yang disajikan cukup “kelam”, bagaimana Marji kecil menghadapi revolusi Iran, dalam Embroideries diterjemahkan menjadi Bordir dibahas kisah lucu sekaligus getir yang terjadi di antara para wanita Iran tersebut.


Tea and adversity

Sono occasioni di incontro e di confronto in cui un’apparente leggerezza dei toni permette di affrontare temi complicati e di ottenere, quando necessario, un consiglio o una sgridata. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. It’s interesting, because their conversation makes it seem like they have some power while living under harsh social restrictions but as Reading this graphic novel was like being invited to tea with a group of Iranian women, except that the talk turned interestingly enough to arranged marriages, cheating husbands, and faking your virginity.

Return to Book Page. By extension, she challenges all readers to think about our relationships, and more importantly, to satrpi about them without fear.

Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi | : Books

The ridiculousness of the prevalent sexual mores is self-evident, but Embroidwries also does little to explore either the reasons for these or the implications of other possible attitudes.

Dove ero io quando dovevo conoscere la Satrapi? Comics and graphic novels Marjane Satrapi reviews. A conversation over a cup of tea one afternoon in Tehran over sex and secrets being shared among the women in you family and neighbourhood.

Review: Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi | Books | The Guardian

It’s embroieeries fashion, fun and also fright. After the laughter has died down, one woman remarks that at least Nahid had “touched a testicle” once in her life: The effortless gossipy manner in which they discuss their private lives, which Satrapi captures in her Spartan yet fluid black and white illustrations, are equally touching and a delight to read.

I had to laugh out loud numerous times at how unabashed and real some of the dialogue was. She says, “to speak behind others’ backs is the ventilator of the heart. The topic never veers even once from stories of sex and the veiled sexuality of the last several decades in Iran. There has been no effort to tone down the shocks and horrors raining down on Satrapi’s world: It is bt by the ghosts of superheroes and generally assumed to be easy reading for sluggish children.


I wasn’t amazed by it but it did the job. The drawings help suggest a little more about the characters, but other swtrapi the grandparents these are examples, not individuals.

I really did feel like I was sitting with Embroideriew and the other Iranian women sharing personal struggles, secrets, heartbreak and tea. The reader feels like a fly on the wall or a voyeur at this gathering in this household, watching and listening to these women gab and gossip away. July Carrie Jones nonfiction Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi Sex and secrets are the best topics for any conversation between friends.


In Embroideries the art embroiderids not as carefully done looked slapped together, too hectic at times as in her Persepolis series, but I still enjoyed the story. Embroideries Marjane Satrapi, Author.

It was great seeing different views and each women’s unique story. So this graphic novel fit right like a glove. I would recommend the book only to Satrapi fans.