Eraserhead arose (more or less) from “GARDENBACK”, a story Lynch wanted to film in the first He describes his page script as “a kind of free-form poet”. I still maintain that David Lynch does not write, direct, or edit his films, he just has a device he attaches to his head which causes them to ooze. NOT the actual script. I found a transcript, but im more intersted in the descriptions BY THE ACTUAL DAVID LYNCH. Ive seen the film im just.

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I put every damn pipe in this neighborhood. We’ve got chicken tonight.

Describing this period of his life, Lynch said, “I saw so many things in Philadelphia I couldn’t believe Since he was going to direct it he might not have thought it necessary to go into great detail. I was in a hotel room in Great Bend, Kansas, in a blizzard, dying, and I had a terrible nightmarish kind of hallucination. Known for his surrealist films, he has developed a unique cinematic style.

It just doesn’t have Jimmy Stewart in it. Sonic Style in Cinema as perhaps a product of Henry Spencer’s imagination, and the soundtrack has been described as “ruthlessly negligent of the difference between dream and reality”.

This dinner’s getting mighty cold.

David Lynch Scripts

In a mystery, somehow in the middle it’s all opened up, and you can go out to infinity trying to form your own conclusions. Their messages come out strong and clear so that no other interpretation can be assumed. British Board of Film Classification. Lynch worked with Alan Splet to design the film’s sound. And Jack eraserheaf, and we sort of missed, and one of them landed in his shoe.


Watch the movie trailer Eraserhead. February 12th,8: In order to help with the process of understanding, we have linked to the scripts to some of these great, but confusing, films. Nance, however, was dedicated to producing the film and retained the unorthodox hairstyle his character sported for the entirety of its gestation. And a gang came swooping down on the other side of the street, and attacked the family.

Eraserhead Script :: SimplyScripts Screenwriting Discussion Board

As a character, Spencer has been seen as an everyman figure, his blank expression and plain dress keeping him a simple archetype. You know you can build something and work it up over some time and really make it look just the way you want it to.

Eraserhead is real logical to me, and it has rules that were followed and it has a certain feeling that screenplaay followed all the way through. Initially opening to small audiences and little interest, Eraserhead gained popularity over several long runs as a midnight movie. Several board members at the AFI were still opposed to producing such a surrealist work, but they acquiesced when Dean Frank Daniel threatened to resign if it were to be vetoed. Posts Posts Per Day 0.


Lynch disliked the course and considered dropping out, but after being offered the chance to produce a script of his own devising, he changed his mind. I said to someone, all that separated me from the outside world was the brick wall, and they started laughing, like “What more do you want?

These things in Eraserhead come from somewhere unseen; it’s not a surface kind of thing We had to scrap an awful lot, and we failed an awful lot.

screenppay Soon afterwards, Spencer’s head sinks into a pool of blood and falls from the sky, landing on a street below. Eraserhead ‘s sound design has been considered one of its defining elements.

The New York Times. It’s eraserrhead so far inside, hidden, that it can only come out in an idea, which kind of balloons out.

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For the laptop input device, see pointing stick. So many things come into your house. The film is about a hour and a half, so I wouldn’t think the script would be only 20 pages.

I thought I heard a stranger. A giant spermatozoon -like creature emerges from Spencer’s mouth, floating into the void.