Product Family / Category. INCA. Product / Topic. INCA-MIP. Type. Manual / Technical Documentation. Title. INCA-MIP V User’s Guide. INCA V – Tutorial. ETAS. Lesson: Measuring. Create a recorder for manual recordings. You are in the Experiment Environment. To create a recorder . This INCA manual consists of the following chapters: • Chapter 1: ”Introduction” ( this chapter). This chapter outlines the possible INCA (INtegrated Calibration.

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During optimization a progress bar is shown. Choose the decimal separator for numbers to use when copying to clipboard. Move the mouse once far away to the screen border to unsnap the axis point. Select Flash programming, then do it. If you want the result to be a map that shows the speed by load and torque, select “X-axis” as the target axis. This may lead to a restriction of the value range and force a incrementation.

In the second case multiple data point sets will be created.

If you set points to invalid, they are filled with NaN not a number and made invisible. It is possible to maximize, minimize and restore windows. This method avoids to create holes in the map.

The values are also remembered in relation to the label name in a database. It is possible to maximize, minimize, restore or close all selected windows. In manuall you should prefer accuracy. The main purpose of the MapArtist is to create, visualize and optimize maps. So you can move elements like legend mmanual cursor boxes. In case of interpolating the active map to other axes these can be retrieved from other loaded maps directly.


It is just used for manual map editing. When it is red, the error was increasing. They can also be displayed using the data info Data Info. After creating a base map using the map optimization and smoothing features or loading a existing map you probably want to fine tune it manually or tool assisted using your experience and regarding the constraints given by the purpose of the map.

Configurable export of the actual screen to the clipboard. Use this format to exchange entire maps with axes between multiple instances or maps. If another communications etaas is used, the user will need to deviate from these instructions.

Colors, transparency, lines, points, light source configurable. The axes labels and title can be modified.

ETAS – INCA ASAM MCD-3MC V2.2 Interface – User’s Guide – Download Center

Manuual smoothing a progress bar is shown to judge the progress. After loading the data and a template map you will be asked to the data correlation.

First you mark a reference area and call the extrapolation function. The correct group axes are especially important, because otherwise the axes will not be loaded by the calibration software even if they are saved with the map. Similar to the extrapolation you can to a interpolation. For manual map editing incrementing, decrementing in general the increment inda the conversion rule is used.

ETAS – INCA V7.0 Tutorial – Download Center

Only the active label defines the breakpoint values in this direction. You can mark map points that differ between reference and working page. The last axis value is determined for values to be inverted above the map.

This feature enables to automatically set windows to fixed sizes or to maximize, minimize maanual restore them. When it stops for too long you have the possibility to skip to the next phase by closing the waitbar window and choosing the corresponding option in the dialogue shown afterwards.


ETAS – INCA ASAM MCD-3MC V Interface – User’s Guide – Download Center – ETAS Products

Some options are asked:. You can either double click onto a data point or use unca menu. The working page of the active map can be interpolated to the axes of a template map to load.

Axes can be edited comfortably, since monotony is only checked when the view is exited. This option is only valid when loading a template from any source.

After distributing the change the red line is created. Remember that mabual it is not possible to find missing files.

You can mark map points outside the data area. Before sending the map to INCA it has to be verified that no function, which is relevant for secure operation, might be influenced.

Toggle modes in 1D: If the database contains multiple entries for a label name only one will be deleted. Use this format to create clipboard content to paste into a spreadsheet software. All dialog have a history and filters to find former inputs quickly.

The value entered here can be relative or absolute. You can display some information about the loaded data and maps Fehler: The working page of the active map will be interpolated to the axes of the template map to load.