Final Fantasy VIII walkthrough and strategy guide including side quests, Limit Breaks, Guardian Forces, magic juntioning tips and Triple Triad cards game guide. I’m looking for a written guide dedicated to a % run(all gf, cards, limit breaks, items, etc). I’m already aware of speed runs on youtube but. Full game walkthrough with focus on picking up all steam achievements for the game.

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Run away from random encounters. Inspect it to get Pet Pals vol 2.

There is a Save Point at the lobby; it’s located in front of the elevator. Challenge them and win. Use the screenshots below walktrough help guide your usage of the Ziner. You should, at this point, have every level card except for one level 5 card, the PuPu card.

Go and talk to Quistis who is surrounded by a walkhrough of students. Exit up again, and see Rinoa’s bed is now folded into a couch. Check out the Anarchist Monthly clipping on the board at the top right of the room.

Then another staircase to the next screen. Take the fc8 to the right to get back to the mansion. When you end up under the gateway, talk to him. Squall gets severely injured by the envious Seifer, who uses fg8 tactics to defeat him in what was a training session. Talk to the doctor for an Elixer. Choose “I’ll lend an ear If you are willing to use Hyne to claim the Contrived Victory achievement, then you may spare yourself the hassles of avoiding exp fleeing, carding, breaking, letting Squall die.

  ECOG 1594 PDF

Reload your game if this happens.

Squall then gets super emo and storms out. Go down two screens to return to the main hall. When you have control of Squall again, save your game. If you got lucky with the card drops you may want to play some more cards wa,kthrough you have over 26k Gil.

Walkthrough:Final Fantasy VIII/Paramina

Walk left along the path from the hotel to the next screen. Finally, make your way to Winhill Bluffs, near Winhill. Walk up and approach the Chocobos for a dance. Talk to the workers again. Avoid the Training Center for now.

Fv8 head up and right and go down the stairs. Prior to drowning your sorrows in sad binge of Triple Triad, you had been summoned to the Garden Master.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Final Fantasy VIII Steam Achievement Walkthrough

The graphics are, for the most part, exactly the same as the graphics in Final Fantasy VII except for the more realistic appearance of the settings and characters. I was so bad at understanding these systems that my first playthrough I wound up with characters that were laughably weak.

In the parking lot, walk to the left a bit then up through the door. I have personally completed the entire game just over 5 times now and I am sure that I will play through it again in no time.


As Quistis, head back to Caraway’s Mansion again. Production for the game began in and it took two years to complete before being released in You can rest and save here while stuck in Balamb. Switch back to the Sonar.

Another scene is triggered which transitions into your exam score, which should have been about 5. Wal,through talk to Selphie again. Lose the game and let him take your Ifrit card. Go through the left door.

Rest if you need to. As you walk to the right, you come across a stealthy ladder which you can, and should, climb down.

At this point, you can either use a couple Phoenix Downs and Cure magics, or just leave Balamb Garden, use a Tent, save your game, and return back to this screen. Now head into the forest. Obviously on such occasions, you will want to restore a recent saved game and continue with a cleaner record.

Head right into the next area. Talk to the man on the bridge before the elevator. Now that Walkthroigh is dead, you should be able to slash through both the unavoidable fights and the random encounters as you make your way through the city.