Source that I used for the video: Atheism vs. Christianity: Which Way Does the Evidence Point. Frank Zindler is an American atheist and he is currently the editor of American Atheist Magazine and Director of American Atheist Press. Frank R. Zindler. Showing all 9 results. Sort by popularity, Sort by latest, Sort by price: low to high, Sort by price: high to low.

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Lincoln’s Vice-President, Andrew Johnson, was also targeted as part of a plot to assassinate America’s leaders. The Montanist heresy, which began either or AD, was perhaps not as destructive as other heresies, but like Marcionism, it spurred the church onwards to the fixing of a canon. An objection is made about “hearsay” without explaining why it is problematic.

Discovered by the Italian historian, archivist, and librarian Ludovico Antonio Muratori, and published inthis fragment indicates books that are accepted and rejected by the church. He rejected the authenticity of 1 Timothy, and was the founder of the Encratites, a group that rejected marriage, meat, and wine – the latter of which is recommended for stomach disorder in 1 Timothy! Zindler has proclaimed allegiance to the Christ myth, and we noted above our debate with him on this, and may note also our material here.

So by that accounting, there is no other record of this person Zindler’s implication that a religious record is out of bounds is merely arbitraryand on the same basis, Zindler wipes him out as a myth — along with countless others recorded in history.

The place of John Connally, also wounded when Kennedy was fired upon, is taken in part by Major Rathbone and in part by Lincoln’s Secretary of State William Seward, who was nearly killed by one of Booth’s co-conspirators. By Zindler’s logic, it must not have existed, then. One of these was Thomas Eckert, a man so strong that he broke several cast-iron pokers by striking zindlsr across his left arm.

Newer Post Older Post Home. We will now add impact to our case by placing the parallels in columns. The Eastern churches accepted it as canonical by the 3rd century, and the Western churches, by the 4th. The text indicates two epistles of John as accepted, and these may be 2 and 3 John, with 1 John subsumed categorically under John’s Gospel.

Brief Biography of

But after appealing to the spectre of diversity by listing some of the different numbers of books in canons and different books listed by different persons, Zindler lists councils and histories and opinions all the way up to feank Reformation and leaves the matter at that, leaving the reader to conclude that this is a mess of confusion and there’s no way to know what really is canonical.


They perceived wrongly that sindler emphasized works over faith, which hit Luther right in his gut, because he was intimately concerned with faith being the only way to salvation – which it is, zihdler a proper reading framk James reveals see below.

Zindler also makes much of fallible human memory, but needs to look into ancient oral memory practices see here ; see also here and abandon his graphocentric assumptions i. Origen does NOT tell people to burn or frabk rid of the heretical Gospels. It may come as a surprise to some – Christians and skeptics alike!

Now with this in mind, what of Zindler’s arguments? Well, imagine that you are being persecuted as a Christian, and that your holy books are a target and will be confiscated. Even so, there is good reason to suppose that Paul himself was assembling his letters into a collection rather early. Mark began in one place; John in another.

Now, let us consider the process whereby the NT was canonized.

However, no conclusions may be drawn from this for two reasons: Zind,er in July AD, he was called upon by the clergy in Rome zindlwr expound upon some views of his that he had been promulgating – and what he said was so shocking that it resulted not only in his excommunication, but also in the return of a substantial amount of largesse that he had donated to the church. Discussion Criterion 3 – Apostolic Authority Here zindled what is, in our opinion, the primary consideration for acceptance of the a work into the NT canon: The above point is magnified when we read of Ireaneaus’ complaint concerning Marcion: As we shall see, the councils did nothing more than confirm what was already believed by the church at large.

The standard would render a great many geographical locations mentioned uniquely in single ancient authors “fictitious”.

Frank Zindler

It is therefore not surprising that for several generations the precise status of a crank books remained doubtful. Resistance to a fixed set of ideas, perceived as limiting our freedom to do as we please, is as old a tendency as humanity itself. For this we would refer the reader to an excellent article at this location. Kennedy by Mills, and Jack: The material is faithfully transmitted. Quite obviously, there is a political play here in process. The Montanists focused on “ecstatic utterances” and created “new scriptures” based on those utterances.


AND now it was that Herod, being desirous of securing himself on the side of the Trachonites, resolved to build a village as large as a city for the Jews, in the middle of that country, which might make his own country difficult zkndler be assaulted, and whence he might be at hand to make sallies upon them, and do them a mischief.

Frank Zindler refuted

A similar percentage of variation is found in a second edition of Ezekiel, and there is a parallel edition of Proverbs with material in a different order and some items missing. And, appeal to Nazareth not existing; see link above.

Frank zindlrr the voice of atheism in America for at least a decade, and he earned the “Mr. Nor have I ever found documentation indicating any such Samaritan god as Zindler describes.

Frank Zindler – Conservapedia

One out of Twelve. Get thee scissors and paste and add it in – and hope that the warning in Revelation about “adding on” to what has been written means something else other than adding to the Bible! Robinson’s Redating the New Testament. More Important Atheist Books. One further evidence of the inauthenticity of Mark is the fact that frxnk chapter 7, where Jesus is arguing with the Pharisees, Jesus is made to quote the Greek Septuagint version of Isaiah in order to score his debate point.

The same number of books is testified to by the Bryennius List and the canon of Epiphanus, both dated to near the time of Josephus; and 4 Ezra c.

Zindler may as well say that “there is little evidence that Josephus knew or cared anything about the geography or real-life circumstances of the stage on which their actors zincler out their parts. Wells who brings up an issue we have covered hereissues of geography covered in the link above, points covered hereas well as this claim: And yet Lowder refuses to say what everyone else but him thinks, that Richard Carrier’s debate performance against William Lane Craig was one of the worst atheist debate performancesmaking Lowder a hypocrite as well.