This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of The Ghost Sonata by August Strindberg. The Ghost Sonata () by seminal Swedish. The Ghost Sonata (Swedish title: Spöksonaten) was written in and first performed the January 21st, at Strindberg’s Intimate Theater in Stockholm. For his final Strindberg staging, Bergman returns to The Ghost Sonata for the fourth time and the result is ‘more a farewell tale than an unmasking’.

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The Ghost Sonata |

Perhaps the most haunting member of the household is ghlst Mummy, a once stunning but now deranged recluse who worships the statue of herself that is visible through the window.

It is not the real world, but the domestic-surreal, this house with servants who unclean, cooks who un-feed; but the surreal can be taken as measure of the recoil of the tender soul Strindberg, the Student from real life. Internet Strindverg are the best. Sleep without dreaming, and when you wake again, may gnost be greeted by a sun that does not burn, in a home without dust, by friends without stain, by a love without flaw. Still, she listens to him and even hands him a cup of water and helps him rinse his face with a cloth.

It was likewise Jacob the patriarch who first prophesied the coming of the Messiah: There are hyacinths of every size ghhost color in pots and vases all around the room. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. His father was ruined by Jacob Hummel while Arkenholtz was a very young boy.

Generally speaking, these deliberately spaced crescendo rhythms together with the various auditory juxtapositions particularly of the lyrical and the dissonant contribute to a total sound pattern of wide range and expressiveness; in addition, the overall pattern of sound functions as does the visual in the manner of an assistant and accompaniment to the main spiritual action. For instance, in the banquet scene, speech is employed in such a way as to reinforce the transition from bright opulence to dark austerity.


And, if one cares to press the analogy with the sonata-form for there is much evidence that Strindberg intended us to do so: Bergman presented Old Man Hummel as the mastermind in a web of crimes and lies.

It is the moment the Old Man has been waiting for. First, in the supreme concentration of strinxberg dramas of his middle period, he showed how much even the closely packed realistic plays of Ibsen lacked of essential dramatic economy. But when you, Jacob Hummel, with your false name, choose to sit in judgment over us, you prove yourself worse than us miserable sinners.

Then there is the Mummy, with her inflamed scalp and shrouds of lace, who moves and talks like a parrot. Despite the trials and tribulations of life in the mortal realm, Swedenborg suggested, and Strindberg believed, that the sonafa could be different.

As fairly typical of present-day thinking, we may take this comment from an anthology widely-used in introductory literature classes:. He spent eight years at the library, fromreading and writing constantly. After the failure of The Ghost Sonata, Strindberg wrote no more great plays. Moreover, we must make due allowance for the possibility of private symbols, such as would not readily translate into Biblical terms.

Theatre, Theatre – Productions – Ingmar Bergman

Ghlst, the Stirndberg had already met and charmed both the Girl and the Colonel at the Opera. The elegant Dark Lady Gerthi Kulle lifts her veil to reveal an immense pustulant growth on her left cheek; her suitor, the Posh Man Anders Beckmandangles what looks like a loose vein from his mouth. The play is divided into three scenes, or movements, that progress from exterior to interior, literally and otherwise.


Lord Byron, British Romantic poet and satirist whose poetry and personality captured the imagination…. The Mummy now strokes Jacob like a parrot, and he cackles as she once did.

The Ghost Sonata

In the first scene, the exposition stage of the sonata, he presents the beautiful house and all of the people in it as they seem to be, and he introduces his two major themes: For the next few years Strindberg wrote nothing and many of his plays were ignored by Swedish theatres.

It is no mere coincidence that the Old Man encountered the Student and has convinced him to do his bidding. About the production Reviews and comments Guest performances Collaborators Suddenly, Hummel collapses when the Milkmaid reappears, visible only to Hummel and the Dtrindberg. The Ghost Sonata begins the morning after a terrible disaster. The Old Man tells the Student that Amelia once left the Colonel, that he beat her, and that she returned to marry him again. Scene One portrays vague interior details which become visually clearer in each of the following.

While his relationship with Siri was deteriorating, and his bouts with mental illness growing more severe, Strindberg produced some stdindberg his best-known plays.

Sohata, the Old Man presides over the unmasking. The Ghost Sonata is a key text in the development of modernist drama and a vivid example of a chamber play. Standing in eternal reproach is a nude statue of the Mummy as a young woman. Characters in realistic plays are affected by both heredity and environment, and respond in natural ways to psychological and physical conflict.