What do I say on social media? We get that question a lot! of your content should entertain and invite conversation. of your content should be useful and. How To Create A Social Media Strategy (With 5 Steps And A Template) Social Media Strategy Template (Word or Excel) you can use to. GUIDE TO CREATING A SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY. Getting Started. In order to gain customer trust, establish expertise, and meet potential customers, every.

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You clearly get your work done and have working learning about your subjects.

If you’re able to complete a project quickly because you’ve done similar projects so many times before, base your fee on how much your work is worth — how valuable your knowledge is to sstrategy client — not how many hours you’ll spend on it. Have you tried using a time-tracker like Harvest to keep track of hours?

The most helpful checklist around. Most of the time the struggle is in the scope of work while discussing clients and hence the unsure feeling on time. Barbie recently posted… Magento 2. Your bow rate will likely be higher than the just-out-of-college crowd, but still lower than experienced strategists. Thanks SO much in advance.


This is a must read! Tiffany recently posted… Easter recipes — Kid friendly ham and egg breakfast baskets. You also have to take into account your target market. Thank you for giving such great details and explanations. Never fear, though, the Wayback Machine has it. I like to work with small businesses as with large companies that are looking to set this type of thing up, you will find a you have too much to do, too many areas of the business, and more often than not, a lack of communication from the business to enable you to perform your duties.

I knew it would be a good route for social media work, though, if you consider finite project work like audits and strategies.

I am offering to clean it up for them as well as continue to do their social media.

Would ownership be something a social media marketer would ever get? Here are some tips for doing that:. Hos will be reading your other blogs also. Hello- I am looking to break into the Social Media Consulting business!

How to Create a Freakin’ Fabulous Social Media Strategy

Or, if not, well, here it is:. Now half dreakinfabulous my assignments are writing and half are in maintaining social media platforms.

Great except for charging non for profits less then corporations.


Charging hourly is the easiest way to go, the status quo. I have an active account and would like to show my ideas and hopefully one day inspire others by my creativity! I have two websites targeting these two markets. This is just fabulous! So how should you go about charging on a project basis? This is such a gift to the community of social entrepreneurs that are out there working to make their own luck, as you put it. Where can I go to research what to charge? I have a client who I did extensive web development work for.

I have a bachelors degree in journalism and I will soon be certified in social media consulting just for the professional creste.

What to Charge for Social Media Work (as a Freelancer or Consultant)

I know that I need to ask for compensation but how much is a good amount for a family member? I’m an entrepreneurial writer and digital strategist, with a focus on careers and the workplace. No one deserves that, no matter how inexperienced.

The links in this article are also fantastic.