Use the rundig script to run the ht://Dig programs to index your site. Type./rundig -v Rundig will run the htdig. htdig is indexing software similar in concept to Swish-e. It isn’t usually installed out of the box with Linux, but it should be an easily build. Htdig is a tool that provides search functionality for your web site. Htdig includes programs that will search and index your site. It also includes the forms that.

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You can specify multiple URLs here. This means that it should start with the proper HTML introductory tags and title. To invoke the use of the header and footer files, the header and footer directives or the template directives must be turned on in the config file: Every time a search is executed, this database is scanned for matches to the search string and a list of results retrieved.

It will also email you when there are “expired” documents. As noted previously, when indexing a Web site, ht: I also demonstrated the process of altering both the search form and the search results page to blend in with the design and aesthetics of your own site design.

There are many ways to index the content of your jndex. Needs lots of disk space. You can also add htdig to your web site by by inserting the following HTML code into an existing web page: Note that you will need a C compiler and a running Web server in order to use the software this tutorial uses GCC 3.


How to add web page search and web page indexing capability to hfdig web site with ht: It is not an internet search engine like Yahoo or Google.

inde Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with ht: These variables will be replaced with the appropriate values for the particular search it is used for. Specify where the database files need to go.

Getting it going

Htdig includes programs that will search and index your site. Alter this variable to reflect the URL at which indexing should begin, and save the changes back to the file. It first generates a database by “indexing” the web content. Alternatively, create your own file and tell ht: Come on in and find out. htdkg


More information on what these variables mean can be found in the ht: The default page presentation is compiled into the CGI. All the relevant variables will be replaced as in the header.

Enter a search string into the form field, and ht: Inndex the tools installed, I then showed you how to configure it for your specific site hosting needs, and how to actually begin indexing a Web site. To install and use htdig, perform the following steps: With the index created, I then moved inrex to a discussion of the front-end interface, explaining how to build a search form to capture user queries, and pass those queries on to the ht: To update htdig, go to http: Below is the default footer.

The example here will cause the ht: HtDig provieds a CGI to support searching the database to generate ondex web page of search results pointing to the content on the website.

ht://Dig: Configuration

Htdig is a tool that provides search functionality for your web site. The matches are further ranked according to an internal scoring system to filter down to the most relevant, and the results returned to the user, together with links to the inde on which the matches occurred.


It contains technical articles about Unix, Linux and general computing related subjects, opinion, news, help files, how-to’s, tutorials and more. You can specify multiple URLs here separate htdjg whitespace. HtDig will provide an on-site web search capability. While the htdig index is in progress, your site will not have search capability.

The next step is to integrate the ht: To remove htdig, go to http: The next step is to actually build the search database. In the words of its official website ht: For more details of the use of these variables, consult the htsearch templates documentation.

htdig (site indexing)

Htsig answer, not surprisingly, is quite well. The file is fully described in the Configuration file manual. Finally, I showed you how you could use ht: This file is output after all the search results have been displayed. Note that it contains a form to allow the user to refine the search.

To access your htdig search page, go to http: You could also index all the URLs in a file like so: Whenever web pages are added, removed, or updated, update the htdig index. When reading the documentation on www.