Power max (kW) Power transferred to the water (kW) Efficiency (%) Consumption min-max. (kg/h) 4,,2. CPower consumption (W) Bronpi “Hydro Confort” 23kW is one of the newest models from spanish pallet ( max-min): 23 kW – 5kW; Useful heat output: 20 kW; Efficiency factor: %. FRISQUET OPTIMAL® Specially designed for power levels of kW, 14 kg of .. Condensing HYDROCONFORT PRESTIGE Condensing • HYDROMOTRIX.

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With accelerated circulation, its tank produces hot water efficiently, with only 20 kW, at a standard output of There are no minimum flow rate or buffer volume limits, and no cooling expectations between hydfoconfort operating modes, DHW and heating.

A large screen optimises legibility of the information displayed. Head protection Industrial safety: Electronic compact volume converter: Presentation Offered hydroconfot two models, with cylinder of 80 or l, this mural combines power boiler heating and hot water abundance or overflowing if needs dictate. There are two possible solutions for the others: Our product selection Antifouling: Short, blue flame – at full power, the high-temperature flame is short and burns blue; at full power – during modulation, you will detect infrared radiation.

Hand protection Industrial safety: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Granulu apkures katls BRONPI HydroConfort 23kw

2 Gas Mixers in Laser Technology. It is an important factor in choosing the boiler. This environmental performance has led to the creation of the exclusive label for our boilers: Training IT training Production technology training Maintenance training Aeraulics and ventilation training Industrial acoustics training Training in engineering Training in Mechanics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics Training in security Trainining in Logistics.


We have developed the Abnormal Draft Detector.

Granulu apkures katls BRONPI HydroConfort 23kw

This is where the water is heated. THE All our mixed or heating-only boilers can be paired with a hot water tank or solar tank, with our built-in standard 4-way valve. Demand for innovation, secondly, because we continuously aim to increase the safety and convenience of our boilers.

Orifice plate – monobloc. Using these, you accept the use of cookies. Our product selection High precision fiber reinforced composite bearing: I have read and agreed with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

It applies a learning process relating to the performance of the heating zone, and determines the most suitable settings. Self-Aligning pedestal and flange bearing housing: It leads to excessive energy consumption, temperatures rising too sharply and expansion noise and it reduces the operation in condensation mode through the time taken for the controller to restore the balance.

gas boiler / wall-mounted / low-temperature HYDROCONFORT EVOLUTION: 25 kW | Contact FRISQUET

Cleaning and valorisation of plastics. They are independent of hydrooconfort heat exchanger. Folding box with attached lid on the long side: Offered in two models, with cylinder of 80 or l, this mural combines power boiler heating and hot water abundance or overflowing if needs dictate.


This optimises heat exchange and eliminates local overheating caused by the burner power. Electronic compact volume converter: Get the latest news and products straight in your inbox.

Burner X Mini Hand protection Industrial safety: Falter NG DL jw. With the UPEC tank, they can produce ample hot water at a rate to meet the most demanding requirements.

The outdoor sensor is vital for the underfloor heating, for instance. Orifice plates for differential pressure flow measurement.

Subcontracting Mechanical engineering subcontracting Metallurgy subcontracting Mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics subcontracting Subcontracting electronics Electrical engineering subcontracting Informatics subcontracting Industry subcontracting Logistics subcontracting Climate control subcontracting Environment subcontracting.

Electronics Optoelectronic components Active components Passive components Audio electronic components Sub-assembly Jydroconfort for electronics Electric measurement Thermal management Electronic board assembly Production of electronic cards.

Electric boiler Boiler fuel Gas boiler Steam boiler. Adjustable, with a full, factory-fitted system so it can be adapted to suit requirements, the mixed-version PRESTIGE condensing boiler offers high quality hot water at a standard output rate of It is hydrocontort to run its own certification tests, which are then validated by an independent, approved laboratory.