Yes, you can add some code to your Web pages that makes it that our friend ImageMagick is terrific at creating these watermarks in a variety. Basically, all that you need to add a watermark to an image is the compositeImage method from an image object. This method allows you to. Need to protect your image files with watermarks? Learn what makes an effective watermark and use the Imagick extension to easily add one to.

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GlennRanders-Pehrson, can you give a more complete example of the method you are mentioning? The text ‘undercolor’ as used in the library APIcan be specified on the command line using the ” -undercolor ” option.

In ” convert ” you will have to use the ” tile: Sorry for the delayed reply, my hard drive that I do all my web work on died and the replacement was pretty wtaermark to be dispatched, so I had no linux available for a while.

I am currently using imagemagick through the command line to place a watermark in multiple locations on another image, but the way I am doing it seems like it probably isn’t the best way to go about doing it. You can actually add multiple watermarks, for example:. You can use whatever direction you want, e. Before you get started, make sure the Imagick extension is available on your host.

If you are interested in annotating or watermarking a GIF animation, I suggest you first look though this document, then jump to Annotating GIF Animationsto start you off. The image is then used to set the fill tile, for the annotated text. Here I overlay a 32×32 icon of a castle in the middle of a prepared button frame.


The image being drawn onto could be black, white or a rainbow of colors. Many of the specific methods are discussed more fully on other example pages.

See Polaroid Image Transformation for an example of this. In the following examples we’ll show examples of how of how to add a watermark to an image using the following watermark the watermark could be logo of Our Code World too:. You are encouraged to use different fonts and point sizes appropriate to what you want to achieve. NorthEast -gravity northeast rings.

How to automatically watermark or batch watermark photos using ImageMagick

This is then inverted and greyscaled using -fx, then thresholded to either black or white, as appropriate. With text, it’s a little more complicated but possible. You can reduce the ‘fuzziness’ in the resulting image caused by the rotation by using a ‘Super Sampling’ technique.

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Post as a guest Name. Watermarks that cover a large portion of the original image are more effective. The details of these methods are given in Alpha Compositing Examples Page. Reasons for annotating images are varied, but are usually either to Mark the image with information about what the image is about.

Append a Label with centering is now possible, from IM v6. Looking for a new template for your next project? It ensures the watermark will be rendered correctly, and I suspect it should be faster. June 22, at 5: Thankfully the same arguments will also work as part of a convert command, e.

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Is how the border is extended to the bottom of the image. Post as a guest Name. Which would produce with our images the following output in the browser or if you decided to save it into a file:.


Annotating — IM v6 Examples

This article shares a few pointers on what makes an effective watermark, and then shows you how to use the Imagick functions to add a watermark to your image. Other techniques are to use some text as a ‘negate image’ mask, or even a color burn or color dodge compose operation, to distort imagemaggick image with the text. See how iStockPhoto and Shutterstock watermark their work for an example.

Of course it fails rather unexpectally! Timothy Boronczyk is a native of Syracuse, New York, where waterrmark lives with no wife and no cats. This page tries to present the common methods used.

Watermwrk using an SVG image as the watermark you need to add -background none to the command to stop a white background being applied to the SVG, and also add the height the SVG should be resized to in pixels e. Before continue, please provide some basic information about why this article should be reported:. Overlaying is probably the most common form of image annotation, and is very simple to do.

Become a more social person. ImageMagick also provides a number of options that are specifically imagemagiick for more subtle watermarking, over a larger area. Command line options -splice. We use the getcwd function of PHP to provide an absolute path retrieve current working directory to Imagick as it usually doesn’t work with relative paths like. Using the above command as an example, a Bash command for doing this to all files in folder would be: