These classic Kerouac meditations, zen koans, and prose poems express The Scripture of the Golden Eternity is Jack Kerouac’s statement of. The Scripture of the Golden Eternity has ratings and 56 reviews. Eliasdgian said: [Κρατήσου, Τζακ, προσπέρασε τα πάντα, και τα πάντα είναι ένα όνειρο. 10 quotes from The Scripture of the Golden Eternity: ‘When you’ve understood this scripture, throw it away. If you can’t understand this scripture, throw.

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In his novel “The Dha Kerouac’s Spiritual Vision At the insistence of his friend Gary Snyder, Jack Kerouac spent the spring of in a small cottage in Mill Valley California to make some final revisions to “On the Road” and to begin new projects in a setting free from distraction. Collection City Lights Pocket Poets. The golden eternity isnt “me. Knowing this then is Human Godhood. Not with thoughts of your mind, but in the believing sweetness of your heart, you snap the link and open the golden door and disappear into the bright room, the everlasting ecstasy, eternal Now.

I love you because there’s nothing else to do. The true understanding of this would bring tears to your eyes.

The Scripture of the Golden Eternity – Wikipedia

It is only like the golden eternity pretending to be smiling and scowling to itself; like a ripple on the smooth ocean of knowing. There is a blessedness surely to be believed, and that is that everything abides in eternal ecstasy, now and forever. It contains so much honesty, so sscripture poetic truth.

Well, I think it’s because there is something, at bottom, comforting about it: Kerouac is known for his method of “spontaneous prose” which sometimes makes for disjointed, impenetrable reading. There are no warnings whatever issuing from the golden eternity: It was perfect, the golden solitude, the golden emptiness, Something-Or- Other, something surely humble.


Lists with This Book.

It’s just the natural golden eternity. I had apparently fainted, or died, for about sixty seconds.

Enlightenment comes when you dont care. Ultimately, it was written because a friend recommended he write a sutra and to see how all of his life experie “Everything’s alright, form is emptiness and emptiness is form, and we’re here forever, in one form or another, which is empty.

There’s no system of teaching and no reward for teaching the golden eternity, because nothing has happened.

The Scripture of the Golden Eternity Quotes

In other ebooks, I am forced to go into landscape mode to retain line format. Locate eterniyt, possess space, spot me the ego. I took so much time with the set up, that when it came to the punchline I tended to fall a bit flat. Jack Kerouac wrote this in response to Gary Snyder ‘s suggestion that he write his first Sutra.

Subterraneans Jack Kerouac Edition. Trivia About The Scripture of Sep 28, Skye rated it it was amazing Recommended to Skye by: I call it the golden eternity-what do you call it, brother?

Whatever troubles you, whatever does not trouble you At night under the moon, or in a quiet room, hush now, the secret music of the Unborn goes on and on, beyond conception, awake beyond existence. The book is also heavily influenced by Buddhist teachings on emptyness and by the Diamond Sutra.

Rest and be kind. But The Scripture of the Golden Eternity is one of Smith’s disastrous and, in The Dharma Bums ‘ context, temporary oversimplifications made authoritative. A hummingbird can come into a house and a hawk ov not: Introduction by Eric MottramAnne Waldman. All the stuff we need about being moral and just and kind, which actually shows up in The Scripture and which seems like a weird tangent there can ultimately stack on top of Kerouac’s metaphysical foundation.


The Scripture Of The Golden Eternity – Poem by Jack Kerouac

It was the womb itself, aloneness, alaya vijnana the universal store, the Great Free Treasure, the Great Victory, infinite completion, the joyful mysterious essence of Arrangement. If it was completely dark you wouldnt see it but it would still be there. The course of your days is a river rumbling over your rocky back. Everything’s alright, we’re not here, there, or anywhere. I highly recommend this one to anyone interested in Kerouac, the beats, spirituality, or just love bending their minds to a new reality.

The Scripture of the Golden Eternity by Jack Kerouac is all of those things, and jaco course none of those things. It’s better to approach this book while in a contemplative mood, so if your ready for a spiritual adventure, get on board. Kerouac is moving in expressing difficult concepts.

Indeed, it didnt even happen that you heard about golden eternity through the accidental reading of this kwrouac.

It’s really something I still struggle with. Nov 23, Deb rated it it was ok Shelves: After supper, a silent smoke.

Many poems read better when the lines are presented when intended. The Scripture of the Golden Eternity is a collection of sixty-six poems written in what seems to me a prayer book. You just have to love a book that contains the word “blissstuff” Some of it is vaguely obnoxious.