In his bestseller, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, Jerry Mander argued that television is, by its very nature, a harmful technology. Trumpeter (). ISSN: In the Absence of the Sacred. Jerry Mander Elmwood Institute. Jerry Mander is the author of Four Arguments for the. Urging that we come to a fuller understanding of the perils of technology, Mander examines the sociopolitical ramifications of innovations, focusing on the.

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Inshe married Jerry Mander, who was to become a prominent Bay Area radical. It encompasses so many things — all the things that make up our living during this time on this planet: He explains the potential dangers of a lot of our modern technology. Reading this section, you come to realize that these attacks on native populations are not sporadic.

But that’s not true. A kind of war developed for access to this powerful new instrument that spoke pictures into the brains of the whole population, but the outcome was predetermined.

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I guess I can’t blame him for that though. The title of the book is “Absence of the Sacred,” yet ironically Mander never gets around to defining the sacred and describing why it’s valuable.

What are their health effects? If you liked it, be sure to read some Derrick Jensen.

Because of the technology’s geographic scale, its cost, the astounding power of its imagery, and its ability to homogenize thought, behavior, and culture, large corporations found television uniquely efficient for ingraining a way of life that served and still serves their interests.


Security was their primary value: I thought that even Nelson Mandela got that treatment absenfe he spoke about Indians at his Iggo Oakland rally. Sahlins concluded that such peoples did not hhe hard, nor did they work continuously.

Many of the worst anti-Indian campaigns were undertaken scarcely 80 to years ago. Mander quotes from such a report issued for the telephone, which turns out to be largely accurate.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Nov 17, Braden Canfield rated it it was amazing Shelves: He saw a clash of values, where sared way of life was being systematically destroyed in favor of another. We will take our sovereignty It devolves into journalistic reporting of Mander’s personal adventures kn native peoples and plods on with a slow, dry historical recapitulation of how the natives lost their world. After the war, the business grew in new directions as the economy spurted forward into an era of rapid growth.

Algunos pasajes del libro son bastante graciosos y me aportaron sus buenas dosis de carcajadas. The colonists wanted to make sure that a central government did not trample on the rights of individual states.

Jerry Mander

They had two sons, Kai and Yari. The Left takes the same view of technology as do corporations, futurists, and the Right.

Activists, like everyone else, saw the technology opportunistically, and began to vie with other segments of society for their twenty seconds on the network news. Aug 03, Simone rated sacged really liked it.


In the chapter “The Gift of Democracy,” he makes the case that the Tthe confederation had a big influence on the authors of the American constitution. They lived in the cities and made their living as auto mechanics or other blue-collar jobs.

John Adams and his family socialized with Cayuga chiefs on numerous occasions. Save for sacted nascent movements as bioregionalism and Green politics, which have at least questioned the assumptions underlying this attitude, most people in Western society are in agreement about our common superiority. BUT, I didn’t read it all so take it for what it is worth. Apr 13, Costacoralito rated it it was amazing.

Jerry Mander (by L. Proyect)

According to Mander, we are in the midst of “an epic worldwide struggle” between the forces of Western economic development and the remaining native peoples of the planet, whose presence obstructs their progress. Showing of 41 reviews. Frankly, in the last 23 years the arguments haven’t really gotten much better than saccred. Aug 31, Markdilley rated it it was amazing. A former ad man, Mander doesn’t so much generate new ideas as collect and repackage challenges to techno-capitalist hegemony in compelling and understandable ways.