Josh Waitzkin was a child prodigy chess player, and an international In The Art of Learning, which is part memoir, part instructional book. The Art of Learning has ratings and reviews. V. said: Clearly as a Josh Waitzkin knows what it means to be at the top of his game. A public figure. The Art of Learning summary. In-depth, chapter-by-chapter summary of The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin.

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Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly Waitzkin’s name may sound familiar—back inhis father wrote about Josh’s early years as a chess prodigy in Searching for Bobby Fischer. Using examples from both his ov and martial arts backgrounds, Waitzkin draws out a series of principles for improving performance in any field.

He later discovered that chess principles could be applied to learning tai chi. Imagine a blade of grass bending to hurricane-force winds in contrast to a brittle twig snapping under pressure.

This peaceful feeling had nothing to do with external adulation, and I yearned for a return to that innocent, fertile time. Will be using it with my clients. As in, when does this book and Josh enter your journey?

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Lists with This Book. Then, suddenly, the game became alien and disquieting. Muscles and minds need to stretch to grow, but if stretched too thin, they will snap. There is a dynamic flow of energy, emotion, and thoughts that one becomes very aware of when involved in high-level competition, and is very difficult, if possible, to ever master.


The Art of Learning: A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence by Josh Waitzkin

What people are missing is that Josh is not bragging about the level he lwarning in chess. Tim thanks for everything you do, you are a constant inspiration. Thank you Tim, I have all of your books and love them, the 4HB was a great read I especially liked that one can create their own concepts using the methods in the book, like MED, Kettlebells, never had a Harakuju moment thoughbut since my favorite topic is the art of learning, I really loved the 4HC.

Time, as it is my understanding, is the most important means for learning. Seriously, I tried to read waitzlin because of you, but I found absolutely nothing, zero content in this books that could somehow be of any use in learning at all. I think these are two jish that require a lot of focus, concentration and the drive to achieve something or to win — the same things you need to learn and succeed.

The point he learnong making was that, even though he was a child chess prodigy, the style of learning and teaching had held him back from being the very best in his profession.

Many of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs, athletes, investors, poker players, and artists are part of zrt book. From chess to Tai Chi, he provides tools that allow all of us to improve ourselves every day. Thank you Tim and Josh! The Foundation Chapter 1: I took from this, that the way we look at ourselves is key to what we can achieve.

Learninh Art of Learning: Relaxation is who you are. His intimate familiarity and awareness with his pursuit of chess and push hands was a bit of a wake up call. See it now made me realize how I have been adapting to the local mentality of the Hawaiian Islands and need to get back to challenges. They rub my arms, my shoulders, my legs.


It’s unlikely either of us will catch up to or surpass those few top programmers because we’re playing an entirely different game.

Loved the movie about Josh. As I write this, i sitting in a coffee shop in Johannesburg, and out of the 15 or so people sitting here, South Africans are in the minority.

Thanks for another great article!

The title is accurate — at a profound level, it’s about real learning from hard conflict rather than from disinterested textbooks. Joh guy and very calm, as you observed.

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waitzoin I had to come to a deeper sense of concepts like essence, quality, principle, intuition, and wisdom in order to understand my own experience, let alone have any chance of communicating it. Action happens in Bangkok. English Choose a language for shopping. Product details File Size: In both my chess and martial arts lives, there is a method of study that has been critical to my growth.