Karel Hynek Macha. Translation by Edith Pargeter Czech original. 1. Late evening, on the first of May— The twilit May—the time of love. Meltingly called the . Karel Hynek Mácha was born in in an old part of Prague where his father was the foreman at The epic romantic poem Máj (May) was written in Czech. Karel Hynek Mácha Every Czech child, by the time he or she is nine or ten, can quote the opening lines of May, “Byl pozdní večer – první máj.

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Yet once more, only once, in the rosy dawning light, Let forth to the hills, a shade before the chapel white, To the lord of heaven and earth his reverence he pays. Broadcast in English Broadcast Archive. Incessantly the watery chime Of slow drops falling metes out time, And wind and wawes as one complain; To Vilem’s ear of death they tell. The official cause of kagel was cholerina, a form of cholera, but some sources claim he died of pneumonia or salmonella.

I knew him not!

In the hollow skull the breezes sped As if grim laughter mocked the dead, and lifted lightly here and there What time had left of his long hair; Beneath hyndk brows the dewdrops borrow The sunset light, as if, discerning The evening beauty of May’s returning, His dead eyes brim with tears of sorrow. Remembrance of green years and kind Brings back a young man’s dreams to mind; The prisoner’s eyes with tears are flowing, And mchx his heart a great pain growing— A lost world how shall the seeker find?

A paean as well to nature, the beauty of its music mcja its innovative use of language, expertly captured in this new translation by Marcela Sulak, has ensured the poem’s lasting popularity. His breast and throat he bares, kneeling to earth he leaves it; Back steps the headsman-an age the frozen mind believes it!

Into the earth, so beautiful, so beloved.

Here in the womb Of veriest midnight shines some beam Of moon or star—there—hideous gloom, There never—never—never a gleam, Only the dark for ever. And he curses her. Why was I banished from his sight The lawless woods to barry? That is a wonderful extract, because you have ksrel two core features of romanticism — the relationship to nature and also the tragic, misunderstood young man, going to his execution.


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May by Karel Hynek Mácha

Swift as the stork’s flight, beating fast, Dwindling, dwindling, a lily at last, Over the lake in the mountains hiding. So dies the dreaded Forest King!

Considered the “pearl” of Czech poetry, it is a tale of seduction, revenge, and patricide. To dalliance woos the turtle-dove: In this edition this can be seen with the original Czech version alongside the translation, and one doesn’t have to understand Czech to see the playfulness that Macha, forever young, utilized in this.

Whose crime does the dawn’s death requite? Why lost ere ever she was found?

Published November 15th by Twisted Spoon Press first published Shakespeare is a perfect example. Gazing upon his face, mute round the little hill The unquiet multitude awaits the long day’s ending, Till the declining sun draws to the west once more, Into the head’s blind eyes its gay last laughter sending.

And the restless leaves aquiver Underneath the cold cliff-faces, Trembling, murmuring, utter ever These insistent, changeless phrases: Sometimes the poet uses longer dashes to indicate stops that are nonetheless part of the line, such as in the second canto, where the dripping of water karrel out the convict’s time: Rather his whole life through thereafter His pale lips said farewell to laughter.

And so he walked down to Italy, through the Alps and all over what is now the Czech Republic as well. This poem represented a breakthrough in terms of technique and content when mk was published in Czech in Whose crime does the dawn’s death requite?

Karel Hynek Mácha: A leading poet of Czech Romanticism

In sombre march thereto company is come; Now all men move aside—the felon stands alone. Some sources say he drank sewage water. One of the features of the Czech romantic movement was this association with the earth, the land and the country, the patriotic movement.

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Hynekk new dream holds his mind in thrall. Within his words Macha also embodies a lot of the hyndk of emotional pain that one finds in a work like Young Werther, by Goethe. Ah, tomorrow shuts my dying sight On all the bliss of seeing! He had one brother, Michal, who was two years younger. With sudden sound Of clamorous chains he springs upright, And from the little window strains Over the waves his tortured sight.

Where you pass gynek me on your long, wide way To the distant shore, there for a moment stay, There, pilgrim clouds, greet reverently the earth.

He loved wandering the Bohemian countryside to visit castle ruins, always making sketches and notes describing the natural beauty surrounding him. Pillar to pillar the lantern bright Puts forth its little gleaming: A lovely girl, mh angel ravaged, A bud that April winds have savaged, In her pale cheeks doomed beauty hastens.

Karel Hynek Mácha: the poet of lovers

Now at a table hewn of stone, His head upon his hands reposing, Half-sits, half-kneels this wretched one, The abyss of thought his soul enclosing: Murmurous by the shore the pinewoods greet the day, Sweet with the song of birds, the thrush’s shower ,cha pearls, And mingling with their psalm the mirth of straying girls, As all that lives draws breath to praise the youthful May. It is quite unlike anything I’ve encountered in Anglophone poetry, being a mixture of melodrama, romanticism and lyricism, structured around the last hours of an outlaw ‘forest lord’ who has been arrested and convicted for murder.

Whispered of love the mosses frail, The flowering tree as sweetly lied, The rose’s fragrant sigh replied To love-songs of the nightingale. And deep compassion folds its hands on every heart.