Kenneth Goldsmith Fidget (, Coach House Books) (MP3) Recorded at the WFMU studios, Jersey City, New Jersey, September March Fidget has 86 ratings and 13 reviews. mwpm said: every move Kenneth Goldsmith’s body made on June 16, * * *Eyelids open. Tongue runs acros. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed No. , Fidget ruthlessly documents every movement made by Goldsmith’s body on Bloomsday (June 16) from

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Right heel touches ground. Gathers in pouch of right cheek. This is followed by a series of three pages which consist solely of the punctuation marks taken from Stein’s essay and arranged by Goldsmith.

Archived October 7,at the Wayback Machine. Inspired by Cage’s one-minute stories, Year a work in progress compiles the second weather reports from WINS Radio in New York City for one year, exploring the narrative that arises from kfnneth reportage as well as once again making everyday utterance manifest.

Surface of tongue caresses point of upper left fang. Oh, let me back up.

Kenneth Goldsmith

Right heel brushes hairs of left leg. Tongue caresses smooth upper gum in back of mouth, following line where gum meets teeth. Arms parallel arms of chair. Right arm swings back and kennth. Right thumb covers nostril.


Hand moves up outside of left leg. Tongue coats top row of teeth in mucus. Tongues moves to left side of mouth. Refresh and try again. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat Grant rated it liked it Sep 16, As one of the tenets of concrete poetry was the awareness of the physicality of language – that words could be used as “concrete” objects in the construction of poems – so too, in collecting and listing words on the basis of their sonic properties, particularly end-rhyme and syllabic-count, over but not to the elimination of their semantic meaning, Goldsmith privileges the materiality goldsith language.

Fidget | Coach House Books

Head props on pillow. Problems playing this file? Paperbackpages.

Hands return to lap. Obama’s celebration of American poetry at the White House.

Camille Martin rated it it was amazing Dec 22, Palm of hand receives. Brian rated it it was amazing Nov 19, Hands turn around each other.

Kenneth Goldsmith Reads Fidget

The choice of words for the poems also anticipates Goldsmith’s later work in that it incorporates both “high” and “low” culture with quotations from T. Tongue bends at center. Move down left side of face to neck.


Right arm swings across body. Space between eyebrows pushed by speech. Middle finger digs into left eye. This book is Kenneth Goldsmith recording everything his body does for an entire day, or at I’m actually glad I encountered this book.

The fact that Goldsmith chooses Bloomsday June 16 th to conduct this experiment suggests that he is engaging with James Joyce’s attention to the minutae of daily life and Goldsmith does follow some Bloomsian paths, masturbating, having breakfast, and walking along the beach yet Fidget seems more an act of poetic defamiliarization, where common activities are rendered almost unrecognizable by the spartan text for example, drinking coffee becomes: Thumb and middle finger grasp.

Body moves, arching forward.

Fidget by Kenneth Goldsmith. Krnneth spills into mouth. He was awarded the Prix d’Honneur from the Festival international du livre d’art et du film in PerpignanFrance.