Kevin Basconi certainly lives in the supernatural realms of God. He is known to bring Heaven to earth, and teaches many how to cooperate and. Kevin Basconi is an awesome man of God. I Love his books and his audio messages. Today. Kevin Basconi is an excellent teacher of the supernatural and of. How to Work with Angels in Your Life: The Reality of Angelic Ministry Today ( Angels in the Realms of Heaven, Book 2). Kevin Basconi. from: N/A.

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Gold started to cover the kitchen table and our faces. In fact, several people in the church testified to hearing the angels. I found myself in the same position on Sunday morning when a young man named Dean stood up to give his testimony about seeing Jesus in the Saturday evening service.

As I entered into a vision for the state of Tennessee, I saw the whole state, from west to east, being shaken. Sometimes I have notes to refer to, but at other times I am depending on memory and the Holy Spirit to help me.

I attended an intercessory prayer meeting on Wednesday, November We continued to fellowship together while enjoying tea and scones for the next hour and a half.

This is a grace gift of the Holy Spirit. I purposed to surrender my life and destiny to His will, and to Him.

King of Glory Ministries – Home

During this encounter, God birthed within me a holy passion and hunger to witness souls saved and people totally healed and delivered.


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They will prophesy what they see. Available for immediate download. Just say what I tell you to say.

What a time to be alive! Jesus of Nazareth, a Man attested by God to you by miracles, wonders, and signs which God did through Him in bzsconi midst, as you yourselves also know Dancing with Angels Nov 01, Immediately, the angel turned in military fashion and ran off in the direction that the Lord had indicated.

Then something else rather extraordinary began to happen. Within eight hours, my business supernaturally prospered. When he began to share, I noticed that there was a flurry of activity around the edge of the open heaven that I was monitoring from my horizontal position on the floor.

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The three stars on the flag of Tennessee represent the three land masses bsaconi land regions of the state. It was as if I was at the beach and small wavelets were hitting my knees. Soon a plethora of angels began to fill oevin circumference of the portal. What a beautiful and glorious God He is. The angels of God are becoming very active in the lives of ordinary people who are friends of God. The Lord assigned and released specific angelic beings to minister for the saints God’s friends in Tennessee Hebrews 1: I had no desire to go there, especially in the middle of the winter!

It bascnoi that I was not praying, but God was praying through me. As I turned around, I saw Jesus. The three stars on the Tennessee state flag began to swirl around and around.


On Saturday evening, the open heaven had grown to about a foot circumference. He carried himself in the manner of a warrior, and there was a large sword in his right hand. It was about 8: A God Appointed Time for Revelation The Lord has impressed kevi my spirit the importance of exercising our spiritual senses to resonate in sync with Heaven 1 Corinthians 2: I tried again, and when my hands were almost totally up, the angel tickled my nose with the feathers of its wings.

I can point to that early morning as the beginning of my ability to perceive angelic activity. Allow me to say that the times are changing in Tennessee and in America.

Kevin Basconi: “Supernatural Synchronicity! This is a God Appointed Time for Revelation”

It was also the start of ministry in my life and laid the foundation for King of Glory Ministries International. They live in the mountains of North Carolina where they pursue a lifestyle of intimacy and communion with Jesus. In desperation, I positioned my heart to encounter God. However, in the realm of the spirit, basdoni seemed to last for many more hours.