L’auteur de L’attrape-cœurs est mon écrivain préféré, il a 88 ans et j’en Salinger told Whit Burnett his writing teacher at Columbia University. Holden Caufield, 16 ans, est renvoyé du collège Pencey, où il ne fait pas grand- chose. Aussi désoeuvré que désabusé, il traîne dans les rues de New York au. Les meilleurs extraits et passages de L’Attrape-cœurs sélectionnés par les lecteurs. – page 9.

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I don’t want it to seem like this book was all bad – since it wasn’t – I did enjoy how Holden felt everything but learned to hide it because he knew society didn’t really care how he felt.

On a side note, the way that Mr.

Holden is a person who wears many masks, but he does not want to. I learned curious facts about the novel and author had to Did you know that Mark David Chapmanwho killed John Lennonheld this book, The Catcher in the Ryewhile he was arrested?

And we know this because at the end of the war he checked into a mental institution and then did something truly remarkable, which is came out of the mental institution and signed back up for more and participated in the de-Nazification of Germany.

The book includes another story about a year-old, Shirlie Blaney, whom Salinger had a brief relationship with when he was in his early 30s. You’re by no means alone on that score, you’ll be excited and stimulated to know. I did make a half-hearted start to it a life time ago in High School, but stopped very early on and never quite got back to it.

Salinger is a brilliant novelist and so is this book.

Salerno has done an energetic job of finding sources and persuading them to talk — he says he interviewed more than people over nine years — numerous entries in this volume have been taken not from new interviews but from earlier books and articles, sometimes with and sometimes without real context.


I walinger not find this to be a full price buy nor do I feel that teachers should be held to the standard of assigning this novel. This is why I quit Facebook. But no one had made so detailed a public claim that Mr. I honestly don’t even ccoeur how I feel about this book??? And I guess that is why in the end I like this novel. In an interview earlier this year, Matthew Salinger said he was skeptical that the planned book and documentary would deepen public understanding of his attrxpe, who, he said, for decades had confined his intimate dealings to a small circle of seven or eight people.

I wouldn’t have cared when I was in High School. He would go into the city for certain lunches and dinners with select friends or come to a bookstore or come to a play. Prendete, ad esempio il tema che scrive sul suo guantone da baseball o la descrizione fisica del ragazzino: He and Holden may not capture every readers heart but he have mine.

He said he believed Mr. It was a long time coming.

L’attrape Coeurs by J.D. Salinger (3 star ratings)

I wouldn’t say anything anymore because I don’t think my voice about this novel is not that important anyway. There were some very genuine moments in this novel that I quite enjoyed. He was very private and he wanted a private life. Then again, I am 24 and would never engage in most of the things Holden did. We have just learnt that she has an extensive part in the school play and she in a signalling piece of irony is playing Benedict Arnold.

E-mail obligatoire adresse strictement confidentielle. He is telling the story and he does not really defend his actions, which I salingwr cannot be defended. Let’s talk about Holden Caulfield. View all 3 comments. Just a subjective opinion: Cormier’s novels are much more honest AND straightforward than The Catcher in the Rye and I feel that this is what should be displayed in what is assigned in high school.


L’attrape Coeurs

Attraep re-creations are probably a cumulative 7 minutes of a 2-hour and 4-minute film, but we felt they were really necessary to put you in that place—to have you experience a person—because there were just inherent limitations. His depiction of adolescent alienation and loss of innocence in the protagonist Holden Caulfield was influential, especially among adolescent readers.

He makes me sad. Happily, some of them kept records of their troubles.

L’attrape-coeurs – Jerome David Salinger – Google Books

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It can also be assured that Mark David Chapman is just a renowned cuckoo. His interactions and moments where he was with Phoebe are clearly the best parts of the novel. Salinger was not a recluse.

Just last week, news leaked that the film reveals five posthumous works by Salinger that are scheduled to be published between and It’s mainly Holden telling anecdote after anecdote with regards to the schools he has attended and the people he has met. In my own reporting I like to bury the lead, and in that regard, your research breaks some important news, and that is that Salinger may not be finished publishing.

The fact is, is that the work that is known prior to combat is not on the level that the rest of the work is.