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LEYLI O MAJNUN – Encyclopaedia Iranica

Moreover, it is dangerous to disclose the longings of love because God would be jealous. A French translation of his divan was majnooon in by Chezy.

It is a tragic story of undying love much like the later Romeo and Juliet. The New York Times.

The number and variety of anecdotes about the lovers also increased considerably from the twelfth century onwards. Nizami collected both secular and mystical sources about Majnun and portrayed a vivid picture of the famous lovers.

Mannoon History of Persian Literature. In Arabic language, Layla name means “night,” and is thought to mean “one who works by night” or “worker of the dark.

The Virgin and Her Lover: And the belief in a better life, void of deceit, cannot be disassociated from the idea of the temporary nature of life in this world dunya. The silver of the jasmine had lost its luster; the rose wept petals as it mourned the passing of summer; the narcissus bade its companions farewell and made ready to depart. He was sure of this love leuli the very first day he laid his eyes upon her at maktab traditional school.

One important aspect of love the poet shows is that a pure mystical and God-centered love creates havoc when focused on an object in a human society and in an earthly setting. Mwjnoon inclination of even the simplest people for mzjnoon love poetry, particularly when recited or sung, is obvious. Analysis of the story. If you enter several tags, separate with commas. Word reached the village and Majnun was arrested.


When the lovers eventually met at the end and died from the insanity of their elili amour fouthe entire audience, composed mainly of Afghani fierce fighters and Pathan merchants, was sobbing. Rudolf Gelpke, “Many later poets have imitated Nizami’s work, even if they could not equal and certainly not surpass it; Persians, Turks, Indians, to name only the majnooj important ones. Where they lead, we cannot see.

Though Garayev was considered the best Azerbaijani composer, the delicacy of majnkon music does not really belong to Oriental aesthetics, but rather fits with the charm of Gara Garayev’s master, Dmitri Shostakovich. Down through the ages, the Arab, as well as Turk and Persian, memorialists and moralists have written about the trappings of poetic psychology which nourishes its own existence as a substitute for the real experience of love.

Vahshi Bafqi — ‘Orfi Shirazi. In the Iranian tradition, the character of Majnun has been given the status of a mystical hero. Love, Madness and Mystic Longing, Dr. But He also listens and always comes back to His friends, whose souls must be both satisfied and satisfying. Huri, introduction by Alessio Bombaci, London, Petersburg, Paris, London and Tehran. The families learnt of this strange magic and began to feud, preventing Layla and Majnun from leuli each other.

The dilemma still causes trauma today, especially for Eastern families who have settled in the United States. As the garden slowly withered, so did Layla: Iran It is not easy to determine who was really Iranian in the Iranian quasi-eternal empire.


Encyclopædia Iranica

Love is all I have, all I am, and all I ever want to be! Those who are called, who are tempted by God and take the risk of becoming God’s friends, know that God replies and that His love must prevail above everything else, including human reason.

The anecdotes are mostly very short, only loosely connected, and show little or no plot development. But God gives and takes what He wants, and He may even accelerate the course of destiny to those who, intentionally behave against Him and themselves.

The Story of Layla and Majnun

Scene from Hajibeyov’s opera, Leyli and Majnun. Another similarity between Aragon’s work and the Oriental traditions of courtly love is that the poems are intermingled with poetic prose. In Eastern tradition, the mad love which leads to death and to God, is chaste love. The school master would beat Majnun for paying attention to Layla instead of his school work. To this day, the Orient remains faithful to its traditions. Oriental Translation fund, ; second editionIndian reprint This may explain why the same heritage has been interpreted in different ways between those living in Iran and those from other regions of the Middle East.

Statue to Nizami in the center of Baku. After the Sassanid period 3rd-7th century A. Women are, like gardens, inseparable from the vision of Paradise.