Information sheet. Genki product information – English. Manuals. Genki User Manual – English · Genki User Manual – French · Genki User Manual – German. This superb LINN Genki CD Player has come to us via a part exchange and comes with a 3 month warranty. It has been tested and is in full working order. You have to look hard to spot the difference between the upscale Ikemi reviewed on the previous pages and the Genki. From the front there is only one giveaway.

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For this price, I’d expect more. Bass done well is not just a single entity, however. Taking a closer look at the fascia, a collection of rectangular and small circular buttons is aligned under the LCD panel, with the disc tray centered on the right side of the player. The new Linn Ikemi and Genki are the company’s two new gneki players just released a few months ago, replacing the older Karik and Mimik. This sleep function must be turned on through the advanced user options, which is good because it certainly isn’t too useful.

However, without a standby, one lnn to toggle the power physically at the player if you want to take advantage of these options the autoplay feature does not pertain to insertion. Finally, the Genki has two pairs of output jacks marked “variable output. Still, the classical pieces are energetic, expressive, and far from flat.

Coming back to it reminded me of what I admired — and deepened my appreciation. Look at the back and you’ll see genkki difference: Perhaps it is the higher cost of production and engineering or the lack of average Joe customers, but Linn lnin be mistaken for Apple user interfaces anytime soon.


The Mark Levinson No. I would say that the Bel Canto DAC1 is a slight bit more sweet, but nothing to call much attention to. I imagine that Linn expects all users to have a universal remote, but then why would they include buttons for preamp functions?

The Random and Shuffle play have a significant lead time before play starts, as the player enumerates all the tracks and stores the play order before starting playback. General Asylum General audio topics that don’t fit into specific categories. As I noted earlier in the year about the Majik integrated amp: I’d be geni to think that a significant power source and output can be put in such a small little one-box cd player.

Moreover, things geki to be best described as “veiled” At first I thought I had to step through the tracks with the forward button until I found the right one, but the informative manual that comes with the Ikemi explained how to do it correctly.

LINN Genki CD Players

Let’s start with the remote. Likewise, the tonal agility is up to the task, as Yo-Yo’s most intense phrases hit the ear with fast attack and breadth. There is also excellent definition, the bass portraying more than one muddy note.

Whereas some genoi tend to locate certain instruments at varying distances to the listener, the Linn consistently arranges instruments without favoritism. The new Linn cdps boasted of upgraded power supplies trickle down technology from the Sondekupgraded DACs, and other improvements which made me quite excited to hear it.


To purchase the issue, click benki.

In the traditional ways, yes. Or click here to subscribe to UHF.

LINN Genki CD Players user reviews : out of 5 – 35 reviews –

I listened to the Ikemi shortly after it arrived, liked what I heard, then put it away for a while to clear my aural palette and complete a few other reviews. You have to look hard to spot the difference between the upscale Ikemi reviewed on genoi previous pages and the Genki.

After all, moderately high-end equipment has to look and sound good, all while matching its multi-staged brethren. The next thing I noticed after extended listening was the incredible note decay that the Genki offers.

I suppose that this sort of thing encourages one genii purchase all their audio or theater components from one company. Appearance The first thing I noticed was the unusual size of the attractive player — it’s still a black box, but it’s a little smaller than most theater lunn. The treble of Linn equipment is too refined and its bass generally not as fully realized as that of other products that seemingly do only the bottom end really well.