Anna University, Chennai Department of Computer Science Engineering ( Common to I.T) Fourth Semester MA Probability and Queueing. Subject Code: MA Subject Name: Probability and Queuing Theory Type: Question Bank Edition Details: Kings Edition Syllabus. MA — PROBABILITY AND QUEUEING THEORY (Regulation ). ( Common to Information Technology) Time: Three hours Answer ALL Questions PART.

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Prove ma22662 the sum of two independent Poisson process is a Poisson process. The time required to repair a machine is exponentially distributed with parameter St.


Potential customers, who arrive when all 5 chairs are full, leave without entering shop. In Ja2262 random process, X and Time set T are continuous.

Correlation coefficient is the geometric mean of regression coefficients 2. Define Chapman-Kolmogrov Equation The Chapman-Kolmogrov equation provides a method to compute the n-step transition probabilities. Find the probability that among a sample of jobs there are no jobs that have to wait until weekends.

If letters arrive for being typed at the rate of 15 letters per hour, find the traffic intensity. Where the arrival pattern M is Poisson, the Service time distribution G follows any general distribution and the number of servers is one. Discrete Random sequence 2. Title of the Presentation Line 1 [36pt Calibri bold blue] Title of the. Write down the applications of network queues.


Probability and Queueing Theory(question with answer)

This is a multiple server model with finite capacity. A random process or Stochastic process X s,t is a function that maps each element of a sample space ma262 a time function called sample function.

Construct the Transition Probability Matrix.

There are four types of random process 1. MA Question Bank – Find the average response time for a two-stage tandem open network with feedback. There are four types of random process.

In series queuesthere are a series of service stations through which each calling unit must progress prior to leaving the system. Examination time per patient is exponential with a mean rate of 20 per hour.

NPTEL :: Mathematics – Probability and Statistics

Let X be the power consumption in millions of kilowatt hours. Check whether it is regular. Define series queues Tandem queues with an example. Show that the process is not stationary. The customers may enter the system at some node, can traverse from node to ssyllabus in the system and finally can leave the system from any node.

Probability and Queueing Theory 7.

Customers spend an average of 15 min. What are the applications of Weibull distribution? The service station for which the utilization factor is maximum among all the other service stations of the network is called the bottle neck slylabus a network. Probability and Queueing Theory 8 Subject Code: It is dyllabus from the expressions of moments of poisson process that they are time dependent. Telecommunication field, Bioinformatics, biomedical Industry.


The maximum temperature of a place at 0,t. Find the probability that on a randomly selected day. If the arrivals of the patients at the clinic are approximately Poisson at the average rate of 3 per hour, what is the average time spent by a patient i in the examination ii waiting in the clinic?

Find the probability that i no one joins the queue in a particular minute ii 2 or more persons join the queue in the minute. Find the average time a car spends in the facility, if the time for washing and cleaning a car is ma22662 of 10 minutes.