SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY U.S.A.. TELEPHONE: () ( ) FAX: () 1N thru 1N 1N thru 1N Category. Description, WATT Metal Silicon Zener Diodes. Company, Motorola Semiconductor Products. Datasheet, Download 1N datasheet. Quote. 1N datasheet, 1N circuit, 1N data sheet: MICROSEMI – 1 WATT METAL CASE ZENER DIODES,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site.

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MCSlbMC They find application in large mainframe memory systems, minicomputers, and con- ventional digital control circuits.

1N3016 Datasheet

Shop Liquid Level Sensors. Many of the devices are referred by section and page 1n0316 to more comprehensive tables in this book. Motorola offers the designer a choice of specifically designed integrated circuits dtasheet performing phase-locked loop functions, such as, phase detection, frequency division, filtering, and voltage controlled signal generation.

The specifications of these subsystem devices are, however, designed to maximize their efficiency in the applications for which they were intended and may not necessarily meet the more universal specifications required of and guaranteed by our standard MC ana MCCMOS product family. These linear integrated circuits are available as single, dual, and quad monolithic devices in a variety of package styles as well as standard and beam-lead chips.

Provides excellent performance and simple design for most video and communi- cations purposes. Shop Surge Protection Devices. These devices are designed for your advanced RF engineering concepts.

The following guide is designed to highlight those Motorola operational amplifiers which are recommended for new designs due to their excellent performance, lower relative cost and ready availability.

Truth tabla and output option tpaclfiad by uaar. One provides watts while operating from a 28 1n316 supply and the other provides 80 watts from a R 1N R 1N In addition to dielectric isolation, this family of devices utilizes nichrome resistors throughout.


OOi 47 38 BVco f, la I. With minimum gain-bandwidth products f, up to 1 00 MHz, these devices provide useful gain at high frequencies. This power technology promises an even brighter future in advancing the state of the art — high voltage and very high current devices are on the horizon and will soon become a viable alternative to Thyristor devices on the designer’s specification list. The family has a medium operating speed MHz clock rategood external noise immunity, high fan out, and the capability of driving capacitive loads of up to pF.

Since the devices highlighted here are the most popular in each category, it follows that they are among the most widely available, at the lowest cost.

Gain control, decoupling, source and load impedances and load mismatch are dayasheet and instructions for building a test fixture are also provided. Other FETs are available as specials. Contact your nearest Motorola sales office for assistance in additional device selection and complete technical data. The following devices are the most popular consumer amplifier transistors: Out- put capabilities range from 15 watts at MHz to 2 watts at 6 GHz.

These devices permit greater memory capacity per unit volume and lower costs per bit than imaginable only a lew years ago. They are particularly suited for 1 1 5 and volt line operated switch-mode applications such as: The selector guides on the following pages are designed to emphasize those FET families and device types that, by virtue of widespread industry use, ease of manufacture and.

One approach is the basic gate array. Circuit design with MECL 10, is unusually con- venient. Shop Power Entry Module Accessories. An electronic shutdown control and remote sensing are also provided.


Add “R” suffix to type number for reverse polarity.

1N Datasheet pdf – Zener Voltage Regulator Diode – Microsemi

Devices are listed in order of decreasing turn-on time U. Output current capability can be increased further through use of one or more external pass transistors. Duowatt 8 RF Transistors.

Package options from low cost plastic to metal TO packages are available. Shop Power Strip Accessories. Transistors listed here represent good, all-around amplifiers in the audio frequency range, and provide satisfactory medium-speed switching capabilities. Dayasheet different devices are offered. MC A’ i-4 8 v. Programmable control register provides variable word lengths, clock division ratios, transmit control, receive control, and interrupt control.

New Jersey Semiconductor

Standard FET devices to be introduced. Package Type Number Light! Shop Emitters and Detectors.

Can dehuer load currents to t mA, for driving low impedance loads. Designed for use in regulated power supplies as a combination voltage reference element and error voltage amplifier, providing temperature compensation for excellent reference voltage stability.

Most are available in plastic and metal packages. For other RF devices not listed, contact your nearest Motorola sales representative or distributor. Shop Panel Mount Indicators. Included in this definition are the Darlington transistors which consist of two interconnected devices functioning as a single-stage amplifier.

R 1N 1N 1NB. Temperature Coefficient is also specified but shouid be considered as a reference only — not a maximum rating.