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Pf Roller Holder Assy 9.

Battery connection error Step Cause Remedy Battery harness connection failure Reconnect the battery harness. Back Light Pcb Assy 9.

Before installing the fuser unit, turn back the levers to the normal position by following instructions below. New Toner Detection 3. As for the ADF of this machine, the duplex scanning is also possible. Separation R shaft bearing Hook Paper feed frame Fig.


When the drum condensation countermeasure mode is set to ON to follow the procedure described below, you can remedy the condensation of the surface of the drum in drying by heat of the fuser unit. Lift up the rear of the Scanner unit slightly and remove the Scanner unit. Eject actuator spring Eject actuator Rear chute Hook Before hancbuch use this product, make sure that you use one of the following interface cables.


Specifications List, Printing 2. If any error message appears, refer to this chapter to find which dax should be checked or replaced. Document Feeding Problems External telephone pseudo ringing signal frequency setting Not used.

A printed image is formed on the surface of the drum by applying laser beam. Page 4 Set the Separation pad spring.

Brother Fax 930 Bedienungsanleitung

Remove the Hinge arm R from the Hinge base R. The temperature is kept constant. CIS model Print speed is up to 28 or 30 ppm for A4 and Letter size when loading A4 or Letter size paper from the hnadbuch tray in the plain paper mode.

N Dial pulse generation mode 0 1: However, you can allow end users to access some of these under the guidance of service personnel e. Number of pages handnuch up from the T1.


Page 5 Push the Hook of the Rear chute indicated by the arrow 5aand move the Eject actuator to the direction of 5b. The developing bias voltage correction is performed on each print job.

Specify the cause referring to the pitch which appears in the image as shown in the table below. Step Cause Remedy 8070pp lever catching on some position Re-assemble the link lever. Page 27 Install the FU harness cover 2. When the machine starts duplex scanning, the ADF motor is rotated clockwise, the pick-up roller draws the document, and the separation roller and separation pad send a sheet of the document to the ADF one by one from the top page of the stacked documents.


Slide the Air duct to the direction of 1b and remove the Air duct. Table Of Contents 9. When you fix the FAX equipment and check its operation, you need to perform this function right before packing and shipping it.

FDA regulations and must be attached to laser products marketed in the United States.

Fixed to 16 points Sending level of guard tone at 0: Leave the machine for 15 min. Number of pages picked up from the LT. The following appears on the LCD: Scanner harness Is the scanner harness Reconnect the scanner