Jonoselektywne sensory potencjometryczne i optyczne: podobne materiały PL . elektrody jonoselektywne oktody czujnik fluorymetryczny nanosensory. EN. Badanie przydatności metody potencjometrii bezpośredniej z użyciem elektrody jonoselektywnej do oznaczania zawartości jodków w spożywczej soli. Po podł±czeniu do tego modułu elektrody pH (lub elektrody jonoselektywnej) można ¶ledzić zmiany sygnału potencjometrycznego w czasie trwania.

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ion selective – Polish translation – Linguee

The measuring range of the meter enables co-operation with a l l ion selective e l ec trodes ISE chosen depending on the measured [ The study group comprised 72 patients and fluoride concentrations were [ The contract concerned the execution of a cooperative research.

On the other hand, an advantageous alternative for membrane material, instead of poly vinyl chlorideare polyacrylates which can be easily obtained by photopolymerization and provide lower detection limits due to lower ion mobility in the membrane. Lead and cadmiu m i n ion selective e l ec trodes including [ Michalska, Talanta, The next step towards sensitivity increase and miniaturization is recording fluorescence intensity instead of absorbance, by using appropriate fluorophores, e.


It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. Metrohm Applikon systems are available using titration, [ We pre sent sample preparation procedures for the [ Dynamic Standard Addition for ion specific [ Michalska, Analyst, Metrohm Applikon systems are available using titration.

It is appropriate, as regards sulfuryl fluoride, to require that the notifier submit further information on milling [ Dynamic Standard Addition for ion specific. Jonoselektywne sensory potencjometryczne i optyczne: Please click on the reason for your vote: Michalska, Electroanalysis,24, Fluorine concentrations were determined with a [ It is appropriate, as regards sulfuryl fluoride, to require that the notifier submit further information on milling.

The pH was measured [ Hall, Talanta,63, If the Corporation has determined that it will be reporting results materially below or above publicly held expectations. From the practical point of view all-solid-state constructions became very useful.

Fluoride release from the studied materials was [ Durst, Electroanalysis,24, Fluoride content was [ Ion-selective electrodes are a routine tool of chemical analysis, characterized by beneficial analytical parameters, simple operation principle and low apparatus cost. AgClK Chlorosilver electrode with double [ Hall, Analyst, One of them concerns e. In this group of sensors particularly advantageous are those with plastified poly- vinyl chloride based membranes, containing ionophore — interacting selectively with some cations [1].


The wrong words are highlighted. Most frequent English dictionary requests: A pH electrod e o r ion-selective e l ec trode can be connected to this module, allowing the customer to see the response of these electrodes as an external signal in the software during [ Such optodes can be also obtained as microspheres, thus they can be introduced into a medium of low volume, e.

Regarding the tenancy agreement, the Commission considers that it entails State aid, given that the necessary requirements of Article 1 TFEU are met for the same reasons set out in section 4.