Feel free to muse along! Monday, May 19, [Trollbabe] Why trollbabes aren’t dogs. This is a post about Ron Edward’s RPG Trollbabe () and It has definitely been the case that I’ve seen and played Trollbabe in the. We decided to play Trollbabe, a role playing game by Ron Edwards feminists, who try to create pornography free of sexist assumptions. Trollbabe [Ron Edwards] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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After all, in such a tightly relationship-based game, it makes sense to think of such conflicts as only being interesting when they would do something an NPC doesn’t like. If anything, Trollbabe seems to be ftee to explore the tension between being different and an outsider on the one hand, and being part of the world and having relationships with people on the other hand.

tdollbabe What if Magic is added, are the two dice each rolled against the Fighting value as well? All the baboons laugh and point and jump up and down slapping the ground with their hands.

The town is on the way to Hell, quite literally.

[Trollbabe] (I did it…) My Way

I can’t tell if your last two posts are more critique or more lament over the unavoidable. They are also responsible for the communities they visit; walking away on whatever mess they may find is not really an option, at least not for as long as they want to be dogs.

Should it even be possible? Because of these two rules: That aside, I’m left with a couple of questions lingering that I’m hoping people can help me out with. There’s just no way you can get in the taciturn action hero mindset when the first step of character creation consists of dividing three points between “weariness” and “self-loathing”. Your two suggestions — create an interesting moral dilemma and ensure that more than one person is connected to that dilemma, preferably to opposite sides of it — are very solid tabletop RPG scenario preparation advice.


Does damage done in a conflict drop by a ‘free’ level after any conflict? A long time ago when I was running a lot of The Pool and The Questing Beast one of the things I did that finally got my games humming was to require that every character have at least one relationship trait. This is probably a form of ‘you could just point out that things will get more engaging automatically as we develop more relationships for the trollbabes’, but you did solicit that, so hey.

Sometimes, that may mean teollbabe interacts deeply with it; sometimes, it may mean that conflict goes its own way, perhaps a completely non-climactic way, while the trollbabe pursues other interests. And let’s bring in a second trollbabe and see what happens. So there are some old Forge posts where Ron says that things like “I escape” and “I survive” are not good conflict goals, because they’re too passive. So, a big question is, how interesting is it to have “agenda-less opposition?

The Gaming Philosopher: [Trollbabe] Why trollbabes aren’t dogs

Is there anywhere it’s still available, or is it an exclusively PDF product nowadays? Perhaps trollbabes can bear human or troll children, but would they themselves fit tollbabe either community?

Is your experience different? If it’s Social, you have to interact with the zombies in some way to fool them, and they have to have enough brains to be fooled. Depends on what you take away from the game text.

I think that is nonsense. I’m really enjoying this discussion. It’s also important whether or not the guards are just some random flunkies of the trollbabe, or if she specifically has them on watch to “keep the prince out. It has definitely been the case that I’ve seen and played Trollbabe in the past as if it was a somewhat simpler version of Dogsthough of course set in a rather different setting.

Oh yeah, so here we have Tha, stuck with her Fighting conflict. I haven’t actually read them. They are powerful, and people will see them as threats or opportunities, which means that they act as destabilising elements in any tense situation.

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It’s a kind of thought-habit. If I say she has red hair, she has red hair. I would rather embrace the murk and skip that waste of time than perceive a clear mandate transcending all particulars of my group. Well, Trollbabe is acknowledged as an important influence in the text of Dogs. Monday, May 19, [Trollbabe] Why trollbabes aren’t dogs.


Eero has stopped by the indierpgs room a couple of times the last few days; we were thinking maybe we can make characters and play a session or so next week. That would make her get more caught up in the situations around her. The prince has no mechanical agency. The players also get re-rolls in one of two ways:. Each player has a series of circumstances, such as “remembered trollbaeb or “unexpected ally”, which they can use once per gaming session to get a re-roll.

Maybe Triss can tag along. But in Trollbabeyou are the outsider, trollbabd your personal stakes in the conflict aren’t obvious. Similarly, Ogami Itto Lone Wolf and Cub technically has a long-term plan to get revenge, tro,lbabe technically has a small child who he cares about: Fred other times, it’s instantly clear that this is an interesting conflict, and we’d all like to engage with it which includes calling up the mechanics used to resolve such a situation.

And then I bet you’ll be skipping conflict resolution some times when it would have been fun, and doing it some times when it’s trollbbae fun.

So, either your opposition to hot warrior women in gaming is satisfied or you must admit that it is not fear of sexism, but pure prudery, that drives your opposition.

This means that for example if Tha and Rhetta were both in a conflict and Rhetta called for Fighting, Tha would be rolling against her considerably weaker fighting value correct?