Iolanthe; or, The Peer and the Peri is a comic opera with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto .. By recurrence and metamorphosis of themes Sullivan made the score more fluid”. Sullivan’s overture was superior in structure and orchestration to. Buy Iolanthe (Vocal Score) by Arthur Sullivan at W.S. Gilbert. The Gilbert and Sullivan classic. Iolanthe, or the Peer & the Peri: Vocal Score with Dialogue [William S. Gilbert, Arthur Sullivan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Vocal.

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Nay, tempt me not Phyllis This number, while in the Schirmer vocal score ed. An illustrated booklet, A Parody on Iolanthewas written and published by D. Strephon, a handsome Arcadian shepherd, arrives and meets his aunts “Good-morrow, good mother”.

The Fairy Queen promises her assistance “Fare thee well, attractive stranger”. It was the first work to premiere at the Savoy although Patience had transferred to the theatre in and scoer the first new theatre production in the world to be illuminated entirely with electric lights, permitting some iooanthe effects that had not been possible in the era of gas lighting.

The Lord Chancellor suggests a solution: The D’Oyly Carte Opera Company toured the opera nearly continuously in repertory from untiland made several recordings of the opera over that period. Administered for rental and amateur stage rights by Faber Oolanthe Ltd worldwide excluding North Iolantbe. After the passage of 25 years, the fairies, still missing Iolanthe deeply, plead with their Queen to pardon Iolanthe and to restore her place in fairyland “Tripping hither, tripping thither”.

Iolanthe (Murray orchestration) – or The Peer and the Peri

WVD Press publishes a new edition of the conductor’s score and orchestral parts of Iolanthe. Before he had arrived at [his publisher’s] office he had the idea of scode about a galactic empire, based on the historical structure, rise, and fall of the Roman Empire. Lolanthe the Lord Chancellor is moved by her appeal, which evokes the memory of his wife, he declares that he himself will marry Phyllis.

From then on, it was always present in the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company ‘s touring repertory, being included in some part of every season until the company’s closure in This file is from the MIT archive project.


Gilbert had written an earlier work called Happy Arcadia. Fold your flapping wings Strephon Phyllis and Strephon ask Iolanthe to plead with the Lord Chancellor to allow their marriage, for “none can resist your fairy eloquence. The Reward of Merit?

The confrontation between the fairies and the peers is a version of one of Gilbert’s favourite themes: You can purchase copies of Iolanthe scores from the following locations. In fact, so do half the members of Britain’s House of Lords. It is possible in certain circumstances to purchase some scores direct from the Hire Library, even if advertised as available only for hire. Optional on-stage military band parts also not present. The fairies laugh that Iolanthe appears too young to have a grown son, as one of the advantages of a fairy’s immortality is that they never grow old.

PinaforeThe Pirates iolanhhe Penzance and Patience The two decide that scote friendship is more important than love and renounce their claims to her “Though p’r’aps I may incur thy blame”.

Iolanthe opened in London on 25 Novemberat the Savoy Theatre to a warm reception, and ran for performances, the fourth consecutive hit by Gilbert and Sullivan. Strephon is despondent, however, iolajthe the Lord Chancellor has forbidden them to marry, partly because he feels that a shepherd scord unsuitable for Phyllis, but partly because the Lord Chancellor wishes to marry Phyllis himself. Desperate, Iolanthe unveils, ignoring the warnings of the unseen Fairies, revealing that she is his long-lost wife, and Scoe is his son.

He believes Iolanthe to have died childless, and she is bound not to “undeceive” him, under penalty of death. A Parody on Iolanthereprinted at Gutenberg.

Once again thy vow is broken”. Summoned by the Fairy Queen “Iolanthe! The eponymous hero of David Nobbs ‘ The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin has “Iolanthe” as a middle name, allegedly due to his being born during a performance of the opera. Each arrangement is typically for Piano and winds and strings. Perry and Bruce I.

Iolanthe (Sullivan, Arthur) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Over the next two months, Sullivan met Gilbert to discuss the libretto as more lyrics were completed. They are all smitten with Phyllis, and they have appealed to the Lord Chancellor to decide who will have her hand.


Although he protests that Iolanthe is his mother, his claims are met with derision by Phyllis and the peers who are unaware of his parentage and even the intervention iolantye the Queen of the Fairies cannot persuade them otherwise. Pieces based on Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Iolanthe’.

Iolanthe, or, The peer and the peri / by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan ; vocal score.

The Queen, unable to bear punishing her any longer, pardons Iolanthe, who is warmly greeted by the other fairies. Click on the following links to go directly to their Iolanthe score sales pages: Published by Edwin F.

The fairies arrive and tease the peers about the success of MP Strephon, who is advancing a bill to open the peerage to competitive examination “Strephon’s a member of Parliament”. Iolanthe”Opera NewsJuneVol. Cultural influence of Gilbert and Sullivan. However, when it emerges that the other fairies have committed the ultimate offence and married the peers ie mortalsthe Lord Chancellor suggests that the law be amended so that it is a crime for any fairy not to marry a mortal.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4. The Lord Chancellor is amazed to see her alive, but Iolanthe has again broken fairy law, and the Fairy Queen is now left with no choice but to punish Iolanthe with death “It may not be Sullivan’s biographer, Arthur Jacobswrote: He is in love with Phyllis whom he is determined to marry.

A cadre of the peers of the realm arrive in noisy splendour “Loudly let the trumpet bray” with the Lord Chancellor “The law is dcore true embodiment”. Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc. On sxore Februaryhe signed a new five-year creative partnership agreement with Gilbert and Carte; Gilbert was already at work on their next piece, Princess Ida.