Download scientific diagram | 1: Location of Kalabagh Dam from publication: Feasibility study of Kalabagh dam Pakistan | Kalabagh Dam is among the. “Technically it is possible to construct the Kalabagh Dam, and the concerns of Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa [about the dam] have already. HYDERABAD: Qaumi Awami Tehreek President Ayaz Latif Palijo said on Sunday that building the Kalabagh Dam is tantamount to a death.

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Secondly, the Kalabagh fiasco is a classic case of intra-state water conflict. Increased water supply due to KBD reservoir will ensure more water for irrigation. Retrieved 8 July Sharjeel The Express Tribune”. The bed rock on which foundation of dam will have to be taken is 83 feet deep at KBD while it is feet at BD. In DecemberPervez Musharraf announced that he would re-initiate the Kalabagh project to serve the larger interest of Kalqbagh. KBD is the only solution to harness the Monsoon rains flows of Swat and Kabul Rivers that contribute heavily to the flood havoc as in Engineering design of Kalabagh dam completed”.

Indian Dams construction has benefitted four provinces by provision of water for irrigation viz Eastern Punjab 4. Zubair Sheikh and Jameel Gishkori, among others. On the other hand, the provincial assembly of Sindh resolved that because of the construction of Kalabagh dam, Sindh as the lower riparian province will be dry because of the non-availability of water. KIRC, an NGO focusing on coverage of the Kashmir conflict has alleged that the opposition kaoabagh the construction of Kalabagh has been supported by foreign intelligence agencies, as a way to weaken the state of Pakistan.

December 15, Gold dips. Op-Ed Conflict dynamics of Kalabagh Dam Due to the malabagh of the issue, the Kalabagh Dam has been put in cold storage and no serious effort has been made to remove the reservations of smaller provinces about its construction Daily Times 10 August An independent review panel was also constituted by the Government of Pakistan, consisting of eminent Pakistani engineers to review the Project Planning Report. The outcome is most unfortunate, likely to rob Sindh of its most likely unbelievable improvement in agriculture.


It has not added a single major reservoir to meet escalating irrigating and power needs. Engineer Barkat ALi August 21, Pakistan portal Water portal Renewable energy portal.

Kalabagh Dam

Bhakra Dam on Sutlej River has storage capacity of 5. Manzoor Ahmed Sheikh, Engr. KBD has an edge of duperiority over Bhasha Diamer in many respects, though none is a substitute for the other. Kashmir Watch 26 September Both have to be built as they are complimentary to each other.

Sindh will in fact be the biggest gainer as under the Water Accord its share was increased to 37pc from 34pc by reducing Punjab share from 40pc to 37pc.

Conflict dynamics of Kalabagh Dam – Daily Times

Location of Kalabagh Dam in Pakistan. After signing of Water Treaty inIndia has taken effective measures to utilise flashing flood water for constructive purposes, while Pakistan has been neglectful and continues to suffer from flood water devastation.

Despite the political roadblocks, the World Bank and foreign consultants continued their work on Kalabgh, over a period of ten years, up to when the ddam was finally put on hold. Mangla Dam Neelum—Jhelum Dam. It will by itself be an independent kalabaggh project entailing enormous cost for construction, over difficult mountainous terrain repair and subsequent continued maintenance. Additional specialists were invited for giving their views on selected topics, where needed.

Besides India established flood control system and constructed Km long lndra Gandhi Canal to irrigate deserts in north western and western Kalabxgh carrying water from Beas and Sutlej Rivers in Punjab.

There is debate on whether Benazir favored the Kalabagh project. Retrieved 22 June India is reportedly spending billions in yearly payments to receptive and approachable elements in Sindh to sustain this opposition. Asghar Ali Abidi and Engr.

KBD is located on the Indus in Mianwali, easily accessible from each side, close to load centre as well as distribution net work of power transmission, miles downstream of Tarbela, while Bhasha Dam site is miles upstream of Tarbela, involving long and difficult access routes, far removed from load centres and difficult transmission corridors through rugged mountains for conveyance of generated power to load centers.


First, Pakistan has not built any mega dam sincewhich threatens our already depleted water resources. The WADPA Chairman rightly said that Pakistan has a water storage capacity of only 30 days, whereas India has water reserves which can meet its requirements for days. Unless these four issues are addressed, the state of this country will not improve. Kalabagh dam is our best chance at stopping the wastage of billions of gallons of water during the monsoon season.

Since the completion of Tarbela dam inno mega dam has been constructed in Pakistan, whereas the population of the country has tripled in the last 44 years. The feasibility of the Kalabagh dam is not the issue, because the paper work and other important details about water storage and power generation project over river Indus at Kalabagh were prepared a long time ago.

Kalabagh Dam is to be an earth fill feet high, with water reservoir capacity of 6. It will continue to be governed by WAA. The CJP also expressed alarm over the dangerous water crisis in Quetta and warned that if adequate measures were not taken, Quetta will be soon be completely dry.

Three major realities shape the conflict dynamics of Kalabagh dam.

The government then approached the World Bank, which agreed to finance the project. Due to certain violations of the Indus Accord by the Punjab province, kalabafh in Sindh grew against the project, whose population and political leaders now painted it as a conspiracy. Skip to primary kapabagh Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar.

Malik, former chief technical advisor to the United Nations and World Bank, said, “Sindh and Pakhtunkhwah would become drought areas in the years to come if Kalabagh Dam was not built. Taliban hold talks on Afghan peace in Tehran.

Notwithstanding, construction of any canals by any province would not increase its share of water.