Once hailed as ‘the fairest jewel in the crown of the Tsars’, the Trans-Siberian. Railway remains one of life’s great travel experiences. Spanning seven time. First things first: for all the romantic images associated with the Trans-Siberian Railway, it’s not a spontaneous hop-on/hop-off affair. You’ll need. Greetings to those who have completed their Trans-Siberian train trips. I am progressing nicely planing my journey – trying to book the trip.

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Thank you for your support. Visas cannot be obtained at the border, so application must be made in advance. J-cloths are always useful, if only to clean the window. In clearings, villages that could have come from a Levitan or Shishkin painting break the spell and make one wonder what life must be like in such remote fastnesses. There are sumptuously appointed dining- and lounge-cars with harpist and pianist, and food and wine included in the price are to a very high standard.

Leaving Siberia, the train of Chinese coaches, with first and second class only, crosses Mongolia via the Gobi Desert to enter China. The favoured places to break this section of the journey are: All three train routes share the same track between Moscow and Ulan Ude.

The longest and least popular with western travellers, taking seven nights. Tickets are sold with or without service meals. If travelling by service train, be ready to make the most of the unlimited supply of boiling water from the samovar at the end of each coach — with your mug and spoon and chocolate, coffee, tea or packet soups.

Home News Sport Business. Stops at stations allow food to be bought from platform vendors or shops; fare depends on location and season, but usually includes fruit, bread, boiled eggs, pot noodles, beer and soft drinks.

Everything you need to know about booking a trip on the Trans-Siberian railway

The principal attraction of the journey is, of course, the Russian landscape — the vast panoramas and sense of immensity so vividly captured by such artists as Isaac Levitan and Ivan Shishkin.


Remember that trains run to Moscow time while in Russia, whatever the local time, so knowledge of the time zone you are in and a calculation are necessary when consulting the timetable. Telegraph Travel Rail journeys. Rolling steppes are a feature of the trans-Manchurian route, but the highlight along the way is passing through the Great Wall of China at Shanhaiguan, where the restoration work carried out on the wall is considered more sympathetic than on other stretches, where it has been too much rebuilt.

The taiga is mesmerising. The Mongolian Railways restaurant car normally serves rice and mutton, while the Chinese dining car has a good variety of Chinese dishes. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism.

The older of the two routes that reach Beijing, this was completed in the s and is served by one train a week taking six nights, using Russian first- and second-class coaches. We’ve noticed you’re adblocking. The experience on the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian train is very different.

Also useful are a money belt worn insidegaffer tape, ear plugs, clothes pegs, sunglasses even in wintersterilised wipes, a small torch, a universal bath plug and a folding umbrella. The necessary steps are set out at ru. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Some good pictures can be taken of the train snaking through the transiberkano of the Sayan Mountains to the east of Tayshet, an area of heavy logging industry, though the scenic highlight of the whole trip is probably the km section beside Lake Baikal.

As a rule of thumb, employ the usual convention of tipping for good service. Obtaining oonely Russian tourist visa valid for 30 days and available for single or double entry is not a straightforward process, but travel agents can help or recommend a visa-support agency.

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Each sleeping-car has at least two western-style toilets and a washroom with sinks. Many prefer the simplicity of booking an all-inclusive package from such travel companies as:. While traversing them, the train passes at kilometre post from Transibeiano a white obelisk marking the boundary between Europe and Asia. Off-train excursions are arranged at cities and places of interest along the way such as Kazan for the World Heritage Site Kremlin, Yekaterinburg and Lake Baikal, you can sample a barbeque of freshly caught fish, visit a museum of wooden buildings or join a cookery class.


On the regular public trains, trasniberiano is supplied in first- and second-class coaches, the berths being folded into seats by day. This is considered by many to be the most interesting of the routes, yet there is only one train a week, taking six nights. On the Mongolian route, the empty undulating grassy steppes of the Gobi desert are the main attraction, occasionally enlivened by herds of Mongolian horses or camels and clusters of yurts.

This km-long lake is the oldest in the world and one of the largest, its clear water populated by hundreds of species found nowhere else, and the railway winds along its cliff-lined shore. Some Chinese coaches offer a shared shower between two first-class berths.

Everything you need to know about booking a trip on the Trans-Siberian railway

The upmarket option is pampered comfort in the hotel-train style of Golden Eagle Luxury Trains, which operates a variety of itineraries each year. Reservations tarnsiberiano required for all trains, so you cannot decide to hop off one and catch another without the necessary ticket. Beer, Russian champagne, vodka, chocolate and snacks are sold planft the bar.

Looking out at the panorama of larch, silver fir, pine and birch induces the kind of reverie that is one of the pleasures of train travel, a random stream of thoughts and images that drifts on like the forest.