Malformasi Anorektal. ANGKA KEBERHASILAN POSTEROSAGITTAL ANORECTOPLASTY (PSARP) YANG DINILAI DARI SKOR KLOTZ PADA PASIEN MALFORMASI ANOREKTAL. Faktor Risiko yang Memengaruhi Luaran Klinis Malformasi Anorektal pada Neonatus di RSUD Dr. Zainoel Abidin, Banda Aceh. Article. Full-text available.

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This x-ray on rare occasion may show the column of air in the distal rectum to be within 1 cm of the perineum, and if this is the case, the baby can be treated like those with a recto-perineal fistula, malfoemasi a newborn perineal operation can be performed.

Diagnostic methods The radiologic evaluation of a newborn with imperforate anus includes an abdominal ultrasound to anorktal for urologic anomalies. A contrast enema is helpful in differentiating these two groups of patients.

Anorectal malformations

To avoid this, the distal stoma must be made intentionally small, as it will be used only for irrigations and radiologic studies.

During the first 60 years of the 20th century, surgeons performed a perineal operation without a colostomy for the so-called low malformations. Factors such as the status of the spine, sacrum, and perineal musculature affect the counseling of the parents. The fistula and lower part of the adqlah are carefully dissected to permit mobilization of the rectum for backward placement within the limits of the sphincter complex. This sensation seems to mwlformasi a consequence of stretching of the voluntary muscle proprioception.

Colostomy prior to the main repair avoids the complications of infection and dehiscence. Ratto C, Doglietto GB, editor. Urinary incontinence occurs in male patients with anorectal malformations only when they have an extremely defective or absent sacrum, or when the basic principles of surgical repair are not followed and important nerves are damaged during the operation. After colostomy malformsi, severe diaper rash is common because the perineal skin has never before been exposed to stool.

OEIS Omphalocele, exstrophy, imperforate anus, and spinal defects. With early diagnosis, management of associated anomalies and efficient meticulous surgical repair, patients have the best chance for a good functional outcome.

For patients with a common channel greater than three cm, the repair should be performed at a specialized center by a surgeon with experience managing the urologic anomalies and able to performing complex vaginal reconstructions. Waiting 16—24 hours malformxsi enough abdominal distension to demonstrate the presence of a rectoperineal fistula or rectovestibular fistula applies to females as well.


Fecal continence in patients having undergone posterior sagittal anorectoplasty procedure for a high anorectal malformation improves at adolescence, as constipation disappears. Abdominal distension does not develop during the first few hours of life and is required to force meconium through a recto-perineal fistula as well as through a urinary fistula.

Since that time there have been reports of families with 2 or more affected members and associations of ARMs with multisystem syndromes. If the air column is greater than 1 cm from the perineum, a colostomy is indicated. Support Center Support Center.

Perianal dissection towards the laparoscopic light source favours accurate placement of a trocar to pull the rectum through the external sphincter muscle complex. Perineal fistulas in both male mmalformasi female have traditionally been called “low” defects. Each year, during summer vacation, an attempt should be made to try to achieve bowel control, and if unsuccessful, the bowel management should be restarted.

Anterior sagittal approach, involving anterior perineal dissection from the base of the scrotum to the posterior part of the anodermis used by some surgeons, with the aim of preserving the internal anal sphincter [ 26 ]. The repair of an anorectal malformation requires a meticulous and delicate technique and a surgeon with experience in the management of these defects.

Those with a “high” defect did not survive that treatment. In a normal individual, the rectosigmoid remains quiet for variable periods of time one to several daysdepending on specific defecation habits. Perhaps the most important factor in fecal continence is bowel motility; however, the impact of motility has been largely underestimated.

Surgical malormasi of cloacal malformations: They occur in approximately 1 in live births. Perineal inspection shows a normal urethra, normal vagina, and another orifice, which is the rectal fistula in the vestibule. The advantages of this type of colostomy are many: The functional results of the repair of anorectal anomalies seem to have significantly improved since the advent of the posterior sagittal approach.

Malformasi Anorektal | Lokananta | Jurnal Kedokteran Meditek

Urologic evaluation prior to colostomy provides the surgeon the necessary information needed to address the urologic problem at the time of the colostomy. The treatment of high and intermediate anorectal malformations: Bowel motility Perhaps the most important factor in fecal continence is bowel motility; however, the impact of motility has been largely underestimated. A definitive repair in the newborn period avoids a colostomy but there is considerable risk to the urinary tract with this practice because the surgeon does not know the precise anorectal defect.


The posterior sagittal approach is an ideal method of defining and repairing anorectal anomalies. Motor and sensory disturbances of the lower extremities may result. The antegrade continence enema procedure: In males, the perineum may exhibit other features that help in recognition of this defect, such as a prominent midline skin bridge known as ‘bucket handle’ or a subepithelial midline raphe fistula that looks like a black ribbon because it is full of meconium.

They may have imperforate anus with no fistula. Giving the enema after the main meal of the day allows a more efficient cleansing of the bowel by taking advantage of the gastrocolic reflex. Normally, they are used only for brief periods, when the rectal fecal mass reaches the anorectal area, pushed by the involuntary peristaltic contraction of the rectosigmoid motility.

The presence of a single perineal orifice is clinical evidence of a patient with persistent cloaca. Most patients with an anorectal malformation suffer from a disturbance of this sophisticated bowel motility mechanism.

Anorectal malformations

These maneuvers are intended to prevent sepsis or metabolic acidosis [ 14 ]. In cases of rectovestibular fistula, the posterior sagittal incision can be shorter than in male patients with rectourethral fistulae. There are however reasons to believe there is a genetic componenet.

This misconception has important therapeutic implications that will be discussed below. In patients with imperforate anus without fistula, the same meticulous dissection is required to separate the distal rectum from the urinary tract as in patient with rectourinary fistulae because the rectum and urethra still share a common wall. Prognosis When evaluating the results of the treatment of anorectal defects, we feel that one cannot group patients according to the traditional nomenclature into “high,” “intermediate,” adalaah “low” defects, as malformations classified in a same group can have different treatments and different prognoses.

The surgeon must be prepared to perform a urologic diversion if necessary.